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Aww: The 10 Biggest Bromances in World Football

Popular Bromances are one of the things that make us fall in love with football. When two players meet in the dressing-room, bond over the training sessions, and then display their admiration for each other after a victory in front of the fans, we realize that football is much more than just a sport, it’s an emotion. Let’s take a look at 10 of the best bromances in world football, from the glorious past to the flourishing present!

10. Lingard and Rashford


You simply cannot ask us to list best bromances and not have us mention these two best buds! From giving each other hilarious nicknames to doing extraordinary dances on the football pitch, Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford gave us some memorable bromance moments. Who could forget Lingard’s famous “beans beans beans” song that the English forward posted in honor of Rashford? We certainly cannot!

9. Messi and Suarez


Messi and Suarez not only form an unrivaled forward link-up, but the two forwards also share an unreal friendship. So much so, even their wives often meet up over some glasses of drinks and perhaps gossip about their sensational footballer husbands. Messi’s heartfelt farewell to the Uruguayan international stands witness to their friendship. It is rather sad to see that these two are not playing together anymore. 

8. Ronaldo and Marcelo


Ronaldo and Marcelo together grew into sensational footballers at Real Madrid. From winning La Liga and UCL trophies like candies at a fete, these two proved that as long as friends got each other’s back, they can win it all with ease. It comes as no surprise that when the Portuguese forward exited Real Madrid for Turin, rumors of a Marcelo move to Juventus also seemed imminent. Thankfully, the Los Blancos fans were spared from losing another legendary player.

7. Aubameyang and Lacazette


When Aubameyang transferred from Dortmund to Arsenal, nobody knew that world football will be blessed with another solid bromance in the form of Aubameyang and Lacazette. A few victories and many, many goals after, the two appear to have formed an unreal bond, much to the glee of the Gunners who couldn’t get enough of the link-up of the pair.

Arsenal may not be a powerhouse anymore, the friendship these two lads have certainly is and forever will be.

6. Courtois and Hazard


From winning games in Premier League to winning games in the World Cup to now winning games at Real Madrid, if Courtois is there, Eden would be there as well. This Belgian pair have been teammates at both club and national football. When Courtois exited Chelsea to move to Spain, the rumors of Hazard’s exit took rounds as well. And that is exactly what happened! 

5. Firmino and Coutinho


Firmino and Coutinho may not have had the prettiest looking end to a professional partnership, as Coutinho forcibly made a move to Barcelona, but the Brazilian bromance still continues to flourish in some ways. While the two proved to be phenomenal for Liverpool at times, even now that they are apart, they continue to embrace each other through social media. It was a short-lived bromance, yet an unforgettable one.

 Perhaps one day Felipe will come back to Liverpool. Destiny excists, people. 

4. Lampard and Terry


The friendship of Frank Lampard and John Terry proved to be a huge asset for the Chelsea football club. It was due to the incredible contribution of these two London-born that Chelsea secured their famous Champions League victory back in 2012. Lampard confessed he admires Terry as a captain exponentially. Even though the two have now retired from playing and garnered some managerial experience, we know their hearts still belong to each other!

3. Mourinho and Drogba


Jose and Didier epitomize an ideal player-manager relationship. After all, it was Mourinho himself who convinced Abramovich to sign Ivorian forward in the first place. And the years that followed his transfer proved to be the glory days for Chelsea football club, all thanks to Mourinho’s faith in the striker.

2. Beckham and Neville


Manchester United wouldn’t have been where they are now, the best club in the whole of England, had it not been for the contributions of Beckham and Neville. Apart from being excellent players to United, the two were also the best of friends during their time in the Premier League.

1. Bale and Ronaldo


Although both Bale and Ronaldo have taken their leave from Real Madrid, back in the day, they epitomized friendship in the best possible way. The two demolished their opponents with ease and lifted virtually all kinds of trophies Europe has to offer, together! Friendship comes in many shapes and forms people. Winning the most important trophy in European Football 4 times in the span of only a couple of years is just something that breeds friendship. Good stuff. 

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