Frank Lampard

BirthdateJune 20th 1978
BirthplaceRomford, London, England
Length1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)
Positioncentral midfielder
TraitsExcellent Finisher

Picture of the 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in) tall English central midfielder of

Lampard Salary & Net Worth

How much did Frank Lampard earn?

Frank Lampard has a net worth of...

90 Million Euros (106.9 Million dollars)

As a West Ham United product, he was with the Hammers for six seasons before signing for Chelsea in 2001. It was well before the Abramovich era, which pretty much rules out money as the motivating factor. He became an integral part of the team and remained with them until the end of the 2014 season before going to Manchester to play for the Blues. His time after Roman came into the picture has been well compensated. He had also made money from being sponsored by Adidas and Pepsi. We think he's worth about 90 million Euros, and considering how he hasn't squandered his wealth, it's set to increase in the future.

Current Job

What does Lampard currently do?

Frank  Lampard current job, the English number 8 from Romford, London, England
After retiring, he tried his hand at punditry before becoming the gaffer of Chelsea. He's got the acumen to succeed in the role. (Image:

Iconic Moments

Frankie is The Pirate Pillager
Frank  Lampard most iconic moment, the English number 8 from Romford, London, England
The summer of 2000 was a very strange one for the current Chelsea boss. He was holidaying in Napa and was having a bit of fun. He, along with fellow footballers Rio Ferdinand and Kieron Dyer, brought in a group of girls and started filming their sexual exploits with them. It was an absolutely crass thing to do, and there's no doubt about that. The world has moved on, but what about the girls who were involved in the incident? Were they willing participants in the act? What kind of an example are these men really trying to set for the millions of youngsters who follow the sport? (Image:

Mister Smart
Frank  Lampard most iconic moment, the English number 8 from Romford, London, England
His IQ was tested as part of a study done by Dr. Brian English whilst at Chelsea. He was reported to have performed very well in the test. He scored the highest set of marks ever recorded by the company doing the test. It seems pretty accurate considering how he's made some decisions in life. (Image:

Smartest Decision Ever?
Frank  Lampard most iconic moment, the English number 8 from Romford, London, England
Selling Hazard to Real Madrid was a very smart decision. He was pretty much used up and was suffering from an injury that meant that he might never be the same again. The capacity of that sort to foresee at least the immediate future requires a certain level of intelligence. As to if Eden's a total failure in Madrid, we'll know in due course. (Image:

Love Life - Single, Girlfriend or Wife?

Frank Lampard Wife - Christine
Picture of his Wife, who goes by the name Christine .
Christine seems like the kind of lady that wouldn't take up any nonsense from him. (Image:

Frank Lampard Ex-Fianc茅e - Elen Rivas
Picture of his Ex-Fianc茅e, who goes by the name Elen Rivas.
Unfortunately, we couldn't say the same about Elen. She was handed a wild Frankie. (Image:

Family - Get to know them

Lampard Mother - Patricia
Picture of Frank  Lampard Mother, called Patricia
A pampered child is what he has been throughout his life. Mummy did spoil him. (Image:

Lampard Mother - Patricia
Picture of Frank  Lampard Mother, called Patricia
It was clearly a big blow to him when he lost his mother in 2008 to pneumonia. (Image:

Lampard Uncle - Harry Redknapp
Picture of Frank  Lampard Uncle, called Harry Redknapp
Harry is his uncle and was his manager at West Ham. Lamps did learn from some great coaches, and Harry is right up there. (Image:

Lampard Car - What does he drive?

Picture of his    car
With all the romping that was happening, he probably needed a bus to accommodate the girls. (Image:

Aston Martin
Picture of his Aston Martin   car
The rowdy drove an Aston Martin at other times. Did he think that he was James Bond? (Image:

House - Where does he live?

Location: London, United Kingdom
House of the English number 8, located in London, United Kingdom
He's got an arguably tougher job at home than the Chelsea gig. Splitting time between his residences at Surrey and London, he is tasked with raising three girls. He does get to enjoy a burger whilst doing it. That should make the job a tad more enjoyable. (Image:

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