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The 10 Weirdest And Most Amazing Football Stadiums Of The World

Football stadiums have immense architectural, and cultural importance attached to them. But there are also some weird stadiums around the world that made us gaze at them with sheer amazement. Read on to know about 10 such stadiums.

Football stadiums have now emerged as popular tourist destinations due to their architectural and cultural magnificence. But today we turned our attention to some of the weirdest stadiums which have kept us in awe to date. A few of them certainly made us wonder what were the architects of these stadiums thinking when they came up with the designs! Read on to know about 10 of such bizarre football stadiums in the world.

10. Ottmar Hitzfield Stadium, Switzerland

Located 2,000 meters above sea level and amid exquisite Swiss mountains, the players of the FC Gspon must have an excellent time playing ball in this beautiful stadium, unless the ball goes over the net. If that happens, it’s a long journey down to retrieve the ball. Due to the staggering elevation, the Ottmar Hitzfield Stadium is the highest stadium in the whole of Europe, and indeed a popular tourist attraction of Switzerland.

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9. Estadio BBVA Bancomer, Mexico

The cost of construction of Estadio BBVA Bancomer was one of the highest ones in the whole of Mexico back in the day. Not just that, but the construction also met with a lot of controversies, with many locals claiming that the stadium would prevent the growth of wildlife around the local area. But it got built nonetheless, and now, the stadium is one of the biggest ones in Mexico, with a capacity of 53,500. It attracts a large number of tourists because of its bizarre shape and cultural importance!

8. Olympiapark, Germany

Resting in the prominent city of Munich, the Olympiapark stadium is more than just a sporting arena. It has been used for various cultural, religious, and social events over the years, and also has many shops surrounding the construction. But the encompassing greenery makes up for any flaw that the stadium might have!

7. The Rock Stadium, Abu Dhabi

Oh, so you thought barren lands cannot have stadiums? The architects of the Rock Stadium in Abu Dhabi would beg to differ. This architectural beauty blends the landscape and sports quite brilliantly, as many of the visitors have pointed out. The stadium has volcanic mountains in the back, while on the other side rests a serene city.

6. The Float, Singapore

Singapore never fails to amaze the tourists when it comes to architecture. But even the city outdid itself with The Float stadium. The sports ground, believe it or not, is located right in the middle of a lake, and as the name suggests, literally floats! The stands are situated on one side of the stadium while on the other side, there is clear green water. If enough work is put into the project, it could easily become one of the world’s best stadiums.

5. Mmabatho Stadium, South Africa

Mmabatho Stadium has everything to compete with the big boys of the world. Despite that, the diamond-shaped ground was written off for the selection 2010 World Cup. But this little defeat does not rob the surreal, yet exquisite stadium of its magnificence. It is presently being used by the Northwest University as a training ground.

4. Eidi Stadium, Faroe Islands

As much beautiful as Eidi Stadium is, it can also be equally hazardous. Located right at the edge of the sea, if the ball is struck out of the stadium, it’s time to kiss it goodbye. But that doesn’t change the fact that the stadium is located amid exceptional beauty. The perfect blend of sports, sea, and greenery makes it a top-notch place to play football.

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3. Estadio Hernando Siles

Estadio Hernando Siles us a stadium in La Paz Bolivia, that has a capacity of nearly 41,143 seats. With an elevation of 11,932 feet above sea level, this stadium becomes one of the highest stadiums in the world. It is cramped right in the middle of the bustling city.

2. Stadion Vozdovac

Imagine shopping under a football stadium. Sounds absurd? But Stadion Vozdovac in Belgrade makes it happen. The stadium is built above a large shopping complex, that includes food joints like KFC and McDonalds.

1. Guangdong Stadium, China

The design of the Guangdong Stadium in China is certainly a construction that will capture your fascination. The unique flowy design of the stadium, with the seating bowl shaped like petals, makes the place bizarrely beautiful. The stadium hosted the 16th Asian Games, where the construction indeed stole the show.

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