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Roman Abramovich: A Closer Look At 7 Of His Most Extravagant And Luxurious Yachts

Roman Abramovich certainly has a luxurious taste when it comes to yachts. Read on to know how the yacht preferences of the Chelsea owner changed over the years.

Being the owner of one of England’s biggest clubs has its perks. Take Roman Abramovich for example. The Chelsea owner, with a net worth of over $12.9 billion, has a fat yacht portfolio. It is said that the businessman owns over about 8 superyachts in total, with the latest addition being Solaris, an opulent beauty that loves striding into the sea. Read on to know about the entire fleet of Roman.

7. Luna

Luna has one of the most exquisite exteriors out there, which was designed by Germany’s NewCruise, while the interior was designed by Donald Starkey. Once you take a look at this beauty, you’d understand just why the yacht is valued at a whopping £400 Million. It was delivered to the Chelsea owner in 2010. But the entrepreneur soon sold it to Farkhad Akhmedov, a close friend of Roman’s, at a price of £210 Million.

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6. Pelorus

Roman’s Pelorus flaunts its massive size every time it takes a stroll across the sea. The bulky yacht is about 377 feet long, making it one of the longest ships in the Chelsea owner’s fleet. Pelorus’s services were handed to Roman in 2003, 3 years after the yacht became operational. But the businessman was not satisfied with the amenities of the yacht when it was handed to him, so he sought to make some changes. He added a second helicopter pad and made alterations to the underwater exhaust, stern, and mast. It was after various modifications that Roman deemed the ship fitting to his liking.

5. Ecstasea

Ecstasea was the greatest ever creation of Feadship, and it was constructed at the request of the yacht connoisseur, Roman Abramovich. It was 282 feet long, with an all-metal exterior that gleamed opulently against the rays of the sun. No wonder the businessman paid a hefty amount for the ship. However, Ecstasea experienced some bad days as well, where it sustained minor damages and even had some of its parts uprooted from the structure. But the yacht kept its owner happy nonetheless! Now, the Pakistani businessman Alshair Fiyaz has the ownership of the superyacht.

4. Sussurro

Another super creation of Feadship is the yacht Sussuro. The ship was built in 1998 and was the fastest yacht ever built by the shipyard. She was first acquitted by a Middle East businessman, and then later came into the fold of Roman Abramovich. However, the companionship of the businessman and the superyacht came to a halt, when Roman was getting a divorce from his wife, Irina. The ship was a part of the divorcement settlement, which was when the ownership of Sussurro saw some changes. Well, it’s not like Roman used it much anyway as he has got plenty of other ships docked away.

3. Le Grand Bleu

Germans know how to build a perfect yacht, and Le Grand Bleu stands witness to it. The 371-feet ship was launched in 2000 and came under the ownership of John MacCaw Junior, who commissioned its construction in the first place. However, the American businessman sold the superyacht to his Russian counterpart, Abramovich. Roman couldn’t help but customize this construction as well, and he indeed brought a lot of changes to the ship, including adding a 5-meter swim platform. But the Russian businessman couldn’t keep a hold over Le Grand Bleu for much longer, as he lost it to the Russian-American businessman, Eugene Shvidler in a bet.

2. Eclipse

After going through a number of superyachts, Roman decided that his next and the current one be extra special. Introducing; Eclipse. This exquisite yacht was built by Blohm and Voss, while the design was done by Terence Disdale. The massive construction consists of 24 rooms, two helipads, numerous hot tubs, and even features a disco hall. Getting across different nations would indeed be a treat to Roman inside this beauty. Due to the utter opulence of Eclipse, it is now said to be worth around a whopping £1 billion. Roman better not lose this one in any more bets or divorces! It is way too precious.

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1. Solaris

Roman Abramovich not only has a keen eye for buying magnificent players but also has it for buying lavish yachts. And the Russian’s latest addition to his fleet, Solaris, would vouch for this claim. This £430 million-worth ship is equipped with everything a superyacht needs to serve its wealthy master. It boasts 8 decks and a helipad, making it quite a wholesome addition.

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