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7 Of The Most Bizarre Animals Owned by Football Players

Out of the 8.7 million estimated animal species on earth, footballers are the most bizarre. We’re not even exaggerating. A majority of these boys do not have the luxury of wealth growing up. Consequently, when they see a ginormous amount of the moolah, thanks to their skills, they’re left with a head that is ill-equipped to deal with such a large influx. They tend to do some dumb things once in a while.

It would be a boring day at wtfoot when we don’t get to see some footballer do something stupid. In this post, we’re going to take a look at the few times footballers were caught posing with exotic animals. A few of them were stupid enough to own these beings, but the rest were just there for the pictures. Nonetheless, it offers an insight into their minds. 

7. Matthew Oakley – Starting off with Piranhas

Ok! It does not and will not get better than this. Or worse if you think of it like that. Piranhas. This man owns Piranhas. Matthew Oakley, who used to play for Leicester (when they were irrelevant,) owns a bunch of red-bellied Piranhas. The Englishman imported them from South America, and we’re bewildered as to how he still has his hands attached to his body.

Piranhas are the labradors of the water. Just ask Matt. – via Instagram

6. Mario Balotelli – He needs a Super Pig

Balotelli- Why always him? Mario, thankfully, didn’t do anything nearly as wild as Matt. He just went and got himself a cute little pig and called her Super. He was in Milan then, and when he wanted to bring her to Liverpool, it was met with staunch resistance from the English government. For the record, they allowed piranhas.

Poor Super got left out of the flight to England. -via Instagram

5. Karim Benzema – Sex, Drugs, and Rock an Iguana 

Karim Benzema used to be a wild child. The ghosts of his past are hunting him down to this day. The man, we think, doesn’t spend a day without lamenting about his involvement in the Valbuena scandal. The next thing that has him worried will be this picture of himself with a wild iguana.

He’s got the iguana by the scruff. Brave man, Karim. – via Instagram

4. Gerard Pique and his Holy Cows

Whilst cows are not bizarre by any means, the fact that Gerard Piqué visited a cow pen along with his family makes us question that notion. The man could have merely been plotting his future. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if he decides to become a full-time cow herder anytime now.

Shakira said Yes after she saw Pique’s affinity for cows. – via Instagram

3. Eden Hazard – It’s a Koala World

On one of the rare occasions he’s seen outside, this elusive creature was pictured with a Koala once. Eden Hazard, who spends more time at the infirmary these days, was intrigued by the Koala so much that he decided to get a selfie with one.

Did Eden show up overweight to meet the Koala, too? – via Instagram

2. Aaron Ramsey – Who needs a PwenGween?

A supporter of the World Wildlife Fund and a keen conservationist, Aaron Ramsey, once posed for the shutterbugs along with a Penguin. This is the first time we have ever seen a footballer pose with this bird. Is he considering moving to the Southern Hemisphere once his flailing career ends?

PwenGween – That’s Welsh for a penguin. – via Instagram

1. Harry Kane – He has Tiger Blood is in his veins!

Harry Kane was once caught posing with a tiger. Awkwardly at best. The striker was on a holiday when he found he found the chained feline and decided to give it a gentle pat on the back. Well done, Son.

Harry Kane looks like he has soiled himself. – via Instagram

Now that we’ve had a look at this list of six players with animals, we’re left with even more questions than when we began. Owning a pet dog is one thing, but why on earth would anyone want to own a wild animal? Or an exotic pet? They are best left alone in their natural habitats. We’re going to have to end this at the risk of sounding like Ingrid Newkirk, but what needs to be said will be- Leave the animals alone. Especially the wild ones. 

** All images in this post are from Instagram/External sources. We do not own these pictures **.

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