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Footballers On A Mission To Help: The 10 Most Philanthropic Football Players

What would you do if you had more money than you can deal with? Would you be the generous soul who gave it all away or the stingy monster who kept everything for himself?

If it’s free, it doesn’t have value!

And that’s what we’ve been told. But we should not be even disposed to think like misers. It’s a bloody shame that all the wealth is concentrated, and there are people out there sleeping rough- without eating one meal a day. How much crueler can we get? The right to food, water, and shelter shouldn’t even be questioned. Everyone deserves it no matter what.

Take a leaf out of their books!

These footballers, thankfully, have a heart of gold. They were either in the same situation not long ago or were kind by nature. We’re going to take a look at some of them and how their philanthropy has helped change the world for the better. 

10. Cristiano Ronaldo – Leading in football and charity

From donating funds to schools in Gaza to donating blood regularly, CR7 is an active humanitarian who spends his fortune to help the needy. He is an ambassador for UNICEF and World Vision and uses his appeal and resources to help as many as he can.

This man wants to be at the top of everything. – via Instagram

9. Dirk Kuyt – The silent slayer 

Dirk Kuyt is a footballer who has been doing a lot of good work to help the less fortunate. The Dirk Kuyt Foundation, which he runs, helps homeless children not only in Holland but also in other countries around the world.

Dirk has no desire for anything materialistic these days. All he does is help. – via Instagram

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8. Mario Balotelli – Super Mario. Super.

Balotelli is a footballer who cannot see a common man suffer. He takes it upon himself to help as many people as he can on the streets. Mario lends a hand whenever someone needs it. If only he organizes his work, he could help a lot more.

He’s genuinely a nice person. – via Instagram

7. Juan Mata – Good one, mate. Or should we say, Mata?

Juan Mata is one of the footballers who has pledged to donate one percent of his salary to the Common Goal. He co-founded it in 2017 and has since worked to help a lot of football charities around the world.

The two most charitable people in the world casually hanging out. – via Instagram

6. Sadio Mané – This time for Africa

Sadio Mané made it big in Liverpool, but this humble footballer has remained the same. He has given a lot back to his home country Senegal. He has built a school and a hospital back home and is eager to do more for his countrymen.

Keep your head high, Champ. – via Instagram

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5. Didier Drogba – From scoring goals to ending wars

It would have been an effing disgrace had he not managed to pull it off. Ending a civil war back in Ivory Coast was just another thing that the Drog did. Founding the Didier Drogba Foundation in 2009, he had helped build a hospital by donating the three million pounds he received when he signed with Pepsi. The Ivorian has also led numerous other charitable causes in his home country.

He can do it all. – via Instagram

4. Marcus Rashford – Children need food

Why is that hard for governments to understand? When the Tories decided to abolish the school meals, the United Man took it upon himself to campaign against it. He successfully managed to and has received praise from quite a few members of society. Marcus Rashford‘s a champion of food rights, and we know that his efforts are only going to increase from here on.

Marcus is going to be a good father one day. – via Instagram

3. David Beckham – Goodwill ambassador 

Goldy Locks and his wife Victoria run a charity called the Victoria and David Beckham Charitable Trust. David is also a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF and has donated a million pounds in a year on at least one occasion. He mainly works on combating AIDS in the developing world.

Ride to give. – via Instagram

2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – The Zlatan Gives

Ibrahimović came into the news recently when he launched a Million Euro fundraiser to fight the Coronavirus. He even donated 100,000 Euros of his own money. But this wasn’t the first time for this footballer. He has risen to the occasion quite a few times in the past and regularly helps out those in need.

Giving makes Icons. – via Instagram

1. Mesut Özil – Surgical Precision

Ozil is an excellent human being. He has taken it upon himself to help children who need surgeries around the world. Children born with birth defects and needing surgeries have benefitted, thanks to the German. He also spends time with children at the Rays of Sunshine Charity.

That’s one big shoe. More people should take responsibility for it. – via Instagram

If the rest of the world was anything like the footballers on this list, we’d be one happy bunch. 

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