The 10 Hottest Daughters of Legendary Football Players

The gents made a name for themselves by excelling at the beautiful game. They were the best at what they did. A part of them was even hoping that their offsprings would continue their legacy. They yearned to see their kids at least consider the sport as a career choice. 

The girls have it harder

Achieving success in a male-dominated society is not an easy task. So when these girls decided that they wouldn’t be taking up the sport, the dads were not too bothered. But what has that got to do with this feature? You’re right. Absolutely nothing. We’re here just to ogle at all the pretty daughters of football stars. Let’s get started, shall we?

The Dalglish girls

Lynsey and Lauren are the daughters of the Scottish manager Kenny Dalglish. These two pretty girls have their own thing going, and they’re easy on the eyes too. Kenny also has another girl named Kelly, who worked as a football presenter. 

Have the girls took up Hinduism now? – via Instagram

A step above the rest

Bianca may not be Gazza’s birth daughter, but this model is a stunner. Born to Sheryl Gascoigne in October 1986, this beauty took part in Celebrity Big Brother. She even managed to win ITV’s Love Island in 2006.

We love the curves. – via Instagram

Keep her hiding

When Fernando Hierro had Claudia, he made a conscious choice to keep her away from prying eyes. That is until now, of course. A Real Madrid supporter, Claudia can be seen supporting her father’s former club from time to time.

Peek-a-boo Claudia. We found you. -via Instagram

Shearing our hearts

Alan Shearer’s daughter, Hollie Shearer, is a performer. This beautiful creature can write and sing and is hoping to make it as a pop star soon. The Geordie girl’s work can be found here if you ever wanted to have a listen.

She looks just like a pop star, doesn’t she? – via Instagram

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Do you see her, man?

Georgina is a princess. She is the daughter of ex-Arsenal goalie David Seaman. This young girl is entrepreneurial and owns an eyelash company called GS Unique. She promotes her business via her Instagram account and can be seen modeling swimwear and high-end fashion too.

Have we mentioned that we like curves? Looks like we have. – via Instagram

Pretty enough to pull

Maradona’s daughter Dalma is an actress. She is also a married woman and has a kid of her own. A keen supporter of Boca Juniors, and this lady looks unbelievable. She was very close to her father, and it must have been devastating for her when she heard the news of his passing.

Dalma doesn’t look a day over twenty. – via Instagram

In the sand all the time.

Danielle Favatto is the striking daughter of Brazil’s Romario. She does a lot of modeling, and when she isn’t busy with work, Dada enjoys playing footvolley (a cross between football and volleyball) on the beaches back home.

Dada loves the beach. – via Instagram

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Vegan Voracious

We don’t know how many of you have heard of the Argentine footballer Cosme Zaccanti, but we know there are quite a few fans for his daughter Florencia. She has already achieved more fame than her father ever could. Check out her stunning Insta profile before you come to a conclusion.

We think the nose ring does the trick. – via Instagram

Enough said dad!

Massimiliano Allegri had had enough when he asked Valentina to put a lid on it. Her social media was getting too much attention, thanks to her beautiful looks, and dad wasn’t having any of it. We won’t blame him, though.

Val has been a naughty girl. – via Instagram

The best for the last?

We don’t usually like ranking people. That’s demeaning. But if we were to, we’d give Jade LeBoeuf the top spot. She’s stunning in every possible way. Who would have thought that Frank was capable of producing something like this?

Wow! Just Wow! -via Instagram

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