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The 6 Most Famous Footballers Who Ditched Meat And Went Full Vegan

Veganism! – It’s all the craze now.

In essence, veganism is the practice of avoiding all forms of animal products in one’s diet. The diet is severely limiting, but despite this, the number of people who have adopted this way of life has been on a steady increase. Everyone that does it has one reason or the other. They could be doing it for the animals or for the sake of their health. Few others say that they do it for the planet.

It’s an argument that has split the world into two. Even though most would agree that veganism has some benefits, the main issue that the majority has with the practitioners of this diet is their attitudes. vegans are a snobby bunch, usually. They take immense pleasure and hold a sense of achievement in the fact that they’re vegans. That, they’re superior to those who eat meat. No matter the reason they do it, vegans look down upon filthy meat-eaters like the pariahs that they are. A touch of vanity has engulfed this lot. Nobody is immune to their advances- Not even footballers. The diet has its positives, and footballers have quickly pounced on the bandwagon. They believe that the diet helps them perform better and reduces inflammation. It could be factually accurate or just a placebo. Nonetheless, in this Top List, we’re going to take a look at footballers who practice a vegan diet. They could be doing it year-round or only when they play. Nonetheless, here’s a list of five players who do it.

6. Lionel Messi

It doesn’t get any bigger than Leo. There are a few who would start a debate on if he’s the GOAT, but this Argentine player has taken the moniker to his heart. He now thinks that he should be eating just grass instead of swallowing goats. However, it is reported that the Barcelona forward practices this lifestyle only during the season. He goes back to devouring delicious Argentinian meat when he’s not playing. If GOATs don’t eat plants, who will?

He’s got his eye on the grass when it’s playtime. Lays and Pepsi are OK, though. Via

Whatever Leo does, Sergio must. Or is it the other way around? Because it was the Manchester City striker who first began practicing veganism. He did it to avoid injuries. The man first did it in 2015. Six years later, he still spends more time on the medic’s table tending to his ailing muscles than he’s out playing. Not a strict follower, perhaps?

Wearing a dejected look, Kun’s thinking about reconsidering his idea. He has to. The man looks malnourished. At least in this picture. Via

4. Hector Bellerin

The Arsenal defender has bought into this lifestyle completely. He is another person who does it for his body. He says that it has improved his physical conditioning and has helped him heal better. According to him, his vegan lifestyle is the reason he doesn’t strap his ankles anymore now.

Love for Animals and his body is what made him go vegan. Via

3. Chris Smalling

Thanks to his wife Sam, the Roma player is a full-fledged veganer now. Starting as one during his time with Manchester United, he has since become a vocal advocate of the lifestyle. He even appears in advertisements for PETA from time to time.

Chris, his wife Sam, and the goat that could have been dinner. Via

2. Jermain Defoe

This player is nearing 40 but continues to play at the highest level. Could it be because of his vegan diet? Not a full-vegan, he has cut out all forms of meat from his diet. However, the Rangers man enjoys eating fish now and then.

Meat eaters move on to the next challenge whilst plant-eaters are stuck in a loop. Via

1. Jack Wilshere

“It has made me sharper and quicker on the pitch. I feel like I can last longer.” These were his exact words when asked about his vegan diet. The man was at Arsenal then. His career has gone on a downward trajectory since. Now with AFC Bournemouth, he would be hoping to get it back on track with his plant-based food choices.

Look Monsieur! The future’s green. No, it isn’t Jack. Not yet, at least. Via

Is it For You?

Just like all these players, no matter why someone does it, a vegan diet certainly has its pros. You might not get along with someone who practices it, but that’s no reason to ignore this trend. It’s more than just a trend, to be honest. You should at least try it out once in your life to see if it suits you. If it does, you can incorporate it as much or as little as you want to. If it doesn’t, there’s always a juicy, cheesy hamburger and a can of soda to get back to.

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