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Footballers Sexiest Sisters: 7 Famous Players That Have Surprisingly Hot Sisters

Who are the hottest sisters of famous football players? Football is a beautiful game. And as we all know – players are often together with the most beautiful wives and girlfriends. But did you know some famous players also have surprisingly hot sisters? In this article we made a selection for you of 7 famous football players that have sexy sisters!

1. Daniela Ospina

Source: Instagram

The Colombian beauty is the sister of former Arsenal goalkeeper David Ospina. She was married to Colombian football superstar James Rodriguez between 2010-2017.

Daniela is a professional volleyball player. (Source: Instagram)

It seems like sports runs in the family, as like her brother David, Dani is also a professional athlete, and currently represents the Madrid volleyball team.

Sibling bragging rights: Dani’s got and David beat for followers! (Source: Instagram)

Divine Daniela has an incredible fan following of close to 7 million on Instagram dwarfing that of her brother David by almost 3 million!

Eat your heart out Megan Fox! (Source: Instagram)

Now how long will it be before we see Daniela on the silver screen?

2. Rafaella Beckran

Beach body. (Source: Instagram)

Ravishing Rafaella needs no introduction, she is the sister of the most popular footballer in the world, who isn’t called Messi or Ronaldo, Brazil’s poster boy Neymar Jr.

Rafaella and Neymar share a very close bond.

The siblings relationship have been well documented by the media, who sometimes get a bit too close for comfort, but she is one rowdy lady, who loves to party! So much so that Neymar’s contract allows him the week off for his sister’s birthday!

Exquisite in orange (Source: Instagram)

The foxy femme fatal has over 5 million followers on Instagram and is a successful model and influencer in her own right!

Rafaella is a social media influencer and fashion icon (Source: Instagram)


3. Marta Abril Martin

Siblings: Alvaro and Abril (Source: Instagram)

Alvaro Morata’s sister is simply serene. Marta is an activist and a vegan, and lives the nomad life with her husband Javier Pereira.

Out in the wild: She’s got a gypsy soul. (Source: Instagram)

The blonde haired Spaniard exudes sexuality differently from your run of the mill bikini models and poster girls.

Her smile is like ray of vibrant sunshine (Source: Instagram)

She promotes a holistic approach to life, her page thecomoonity helps people connect with themselves and nature with rituals, workshops and retreats.

Got the blues? Marta will sing them away. (Source: Instagram)


4. Daisy Maguire

Five feet of pure ecstasy, that’s what you imagine when you lay your eyes of Harry Maguire’s younger sister Daisy!

Always there to show her support: Daisy photographed with Harry after an England friendly. (Source: Instagram)
Making those denims look ridiculously good! (Source: Instagram)

Daisy’s always up for a night out, and Manchester doesn’t look so dreary with Daisy out and about!

Island girl: A flower needs lots of sunshine to bloom, and boy, she is blooming! (Source: Instagram)

We sure wouldn’t mind going on holiday with Daisy.

5. Liz Solari

Source: Instagram

The younger sibling of Real Madrid legend Santiago Solari, Liz was born in Colombia and later moved back to her motherland of Argentina to become an established film actress. In 2009 she got her big break with the TV series 12 Champs, she’d used the platform to move to London, England to study acting.

The actress fights for those without a voice (Source: Instagram)

The 39-year old is an animal rights activist, condemning all forms of cruelty; she is also acts as an environmentalist, raising awareness against climate change.

The earth is beautiful, let’s take care of it! (Source: Instagram)

Liz Solari is beautiful both inside and out!


6. Abigail Barwuah

Boss lady walking by! (Source: Instagram)

Abigail Barwuah is that sumptuous blend sugar, spice and everything nice! Sister of Italian bad boy Mario Balotelli, Abi herself is now married to another professional footballer, former Super Eagles striker Obafemi Martins.

Martins waits in the wings as his queen takes her time shopping (Source: Instagram)

Unfortunately, Abigail had to put up restrictions on her social media account after some of the male members of the audience got a little too desperate!

Holy smokes! (Source: Pinterest)


7. Miriam Ramos

Miriam makes it a special point to never miss out on a La Roja fixture. (Source: Instagram)

Mariam, if you haven’t guessed it already, is the gorgeous sister (yes, we’re pretty sure you’ve guessed that much) of Real Madrid defender and captain Sergio Ramos.

Hala Madrid! (Source: Instagram)

The sizzling Spaniard has has been seen on many occasions at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu cheering on her brother and the Los Blancos.

Basking in the evening sun. (Source: Instagram)
Strong is sexy. (Source: Instagram)

Taking a page off her brother’s book, the sexy señorita puts in time in the gym, keeping herself in tip-top shape.

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