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Neymar’s Harem: Meet The 10 Most Beautiful Women Neymar Dated

Who has Neymar dated? For football fans, Neymar Júnior is a God, but for some girls, he is a heartbreaker. Read on to know the colorful dating history of the athlete and why he has never been in a long-term relationship!

Neymar Júnior sure knows how to pick ’em. The star player radiates charm and has such good looks that his history of hookups and dating is quite long, with each woman hotter than the last. If you are interested to know what Júnior’s dating history looks like, then keep on reading!

1. Bruna Marquezine

The pair first started dating in 2012 and still have a turbulent relationship. Bruna is a Brazilian model who has been in the industry since the age of 5. The couple’s first breakup happened in 2013 when Neymar’s alleged infidelity came to light. Before the World Cup of 2014, they were already back together but separated again before crossing paths in 2016. 

It is unclear whether they are still together, but Marquezine was spotted with the athlete on New Year’s Eve 2017 while celebrating with  Kevin Trapp and his partner, Izabel Goulart. 

2. Carolina Dantas

Carolina and Neymar have a son together, named David Lucca da Silva Santos. The pair very briefly dated from 2010-2011 before going their separate ways. However, they still remain close and are nailing co-parenting while raising their son. 

3. Barbara Evans

The beautiful model and television star apparently love footballers as she has dated a couple before finally settling her eyes on Neymar. She fell for his charms right after his son was born and he had separated from Carolina. This couple also headed for splitsville soon after they started dating. While the real reason has never been disclosed by either of the involved parties, it is speculated that Neymar’s new responsibilities as a dad led him to take the decision of calling it quits. 

Who has Neymar dated? Number 4. Carol Abranches

Neymar then moved on to Carol, a Brazilian dancer, and model, and the pair briefly dated in 2011. They were caught by the media on vacation on a luxurious yacht in Guaruja. After the affair ended, Abranches got candid and disclosed that they were in an open relationship. She dated three other popular figures but went on to reveal that Neymar was the most caring of them all!

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5. Elisabeth Martinez

Elisabeth is a well-known football fan and a professional lawyer – beauty with brains! She and Neymar were seen around the town, including well-known locations in Barcelona. They also went on a date at Boca Grande and partied in trendy clubs such as Opium nightclub and Sutton nightclub. These places are quite hard to get into, and the athlete must have been smitten enough to take his lady there! In 2014, they separated but got back together by the end of 2015.

6. Laryssa Oliveira

It looks like there is a lot of bad blood between Laryssa and Neymar, and they did not end on a cordial note! Their affair only lasted through December 2013, and when things ended, she had quite a lot of things to say. The model disclosed that the pair called it quits because the athlete was unfaithful to her and was hooking up with Bruna Marquezine. Júnior, in return, filed a lawsuit accusing her of defamation and slander. 

7. Mayra Cardi

Mayra is a fitness expert and was neighbors with Neymar that fueled their relationship. They got together in 2012 but kept their affair private. 

8. Sara Vucelic

Neymar and Sara were pictured vacationing together in Ibiza in 2013. After spending a good time together, they remained in touch via Skype and planned for a visit to see one of his matches in 2014. The athlete could not wait that long and reportedly sent one of his jets to pick her up!

9. Carol Belli

This was before Bruna captured Neymar’s heart. Carol Belli was a former stage girl for Panica na TV and starred in a Brazilian comedy show. The couple were dating at the beginning of 2012 but ended when Marquezine entered the scene. They used to talk to each other on the internet consistently, and she even attended his parties. Apparently, after Neymar and Bruno got together, Belli attended a party where she was not even allowed to talk to the player. 

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10. Daniela Carvalho

Daniela and Neymar got together in 2011 but kept it quiet from the fans and media. With time-consuming careers, the pair called it quits soon. 


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