Matteo Guendouzi’s shocking comments towards Brighton players

“We at Arsenal earn more than you guys ever will”

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Some rather remarkable newsbits have come out after the Brighton-Arsenal match. Not only did things get heated after the final whistle, there were also some seriously hurtful remarks made by Arsenal’s Matteo Guendouzi.

The Arsenal midfielder got into it with the Brighton players throughout the match and started saying things about his salary and how his oppononents would never in their lifetime earn as much as he earns right now.

I earn so much more than you guys ever will.

Matteo Guendouzi

Apparently it hadn’t been the first time that the Frenchman made remarks such as this one and we think it is rather ridiculous from the youngster.

We at WTFoot don’t shy away from a little fact checking, so lets have a look at the Brighton Salaries. A quick peek learns us that while nobody earns as much as Arsenal’s top earner Mesut Özil, there are still several players in the Brighton squad that earn more than Matteo Guendouzi.

At the moment Arsenal are in 10th place in the English Premier League. They haven’t gotten close to winning the league in almost 20 years so a little humility might be in place. Oh yeah, and Brighton kicked their behinds by beating them 2-1.

It seems like Guendouzi has lost touch with reality and most of what he is saying is born out of pure frustration. What a sad lad.

Several analysts have since roasted the young midfielder. Former Gunners’ winger Perry Groves said that he is by far not good enough to say the things he has said.

You want your players to be confident and a bit arrogant on the pitch but he’s not good enough to go around giving people verbals.

Perry Groves – Talksport

All in all, another sad day at the office for Arsenal. We at WTFoot will keep an eye out for developments on the case.

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