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Top 25 Athletes With The Most Instagram Followers

10. Marcelo – 46 Million Followers


A somewhat surprising entry: Marcelo. The Brazilian leftback has more followers than Mbappé, Zlatan or even Sergio Ramos. There must be something about his account that sticks. So give him a follow people!

9. James Rodriguez – 47 Million Followers


James and his kiddo’s. If this the online content you are after then you have definitely come to the right place if you, like 47 milion other people follow the Colombian playmaker.

8. Ronaldinho – 52 Million Followers


Ronaldinho just has to be the most loved football player of all time. The style with which he played was just mesmerizing. Even to this day he has a huge online following.

7. David Beckham – 65 Million Followers


Beckham was pretty much a social media influencer before there was social media. He is a fashion icon and still a very popular figure in world sports. 65 million people agree.

6. LeBron James – 75 Million Followers


King James is the most followed NBA player by a countrymile. The King is closing in on 80 million followers, which is just astonishing for a sport that still has a ways to go in terms of dominating global viewership.

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