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Top 25 Athletes With The Most Instagram Followers

There are billions of sports fans all around the world and a lot of them are scrolling Instagram all day. We at WTFoot asked ourselves the question “Who is the most followed athlete worldwide?” and figured it all out for you. Spoiler: a cricket player most of the Americans probably never heard about made it to the Top 5!

25. Eden Hazard – 27 Million Followers


Eden is all smiles with his teammate after reaching the 27.000.000 Instagram followers milestone.

24. Sachin Tendulkar – 27.3 Million Followers


Sachin who? Shame on you! This lad is one of the most legendary cricketplayers of all-time. Here we see him observing the mob, high and dry in his ivory tower.

23. Zinedine Zidane – 27.6 Million Followers


No surprise here: the legendary icon Zizou made it to our list! We understand you, dear followers – we also clicked the ‘Follow’ button after seeing this cute content.

22. Stephen Curry – 32 Million Followers


Two Mr. Bigstars united in one picture. At the right we see Stephen Curry, a legendary basketballer with an online fanbase of over 32 million Instagram followers. The other guy? Oh, he used to be the President of the United States sometime.

21. AndrΓ©s Iniesta – 35.3 Million Followers


El Blanquito is not only popular in Catalonia. By making the winning goal in the soccer World Cup final of 2010 he became an instant legend, worldwide.

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