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Top 25 Athletes With The Most Instagram Followers

15. Sergio Ramos – 41 Million Followers


A tough captain on the field, a family man off the pitch. That is Sergio Ramos for you. He is a very active Instagram poster, we wholeheartedly recommend this account.

14. Paul Pogba – 42.4 Million Followers


Paul Pogba has over 40 million instagram followers. Not bad for someone who has never really lived up to his full potential. Yet. Keep following Paul though.

13. Gareth Bale – 43 Million Followers


Gareth was expected to be a superstar in Madrid but he was never quite an undeniable success in the Spanish capital. He did manage to sneak into our top 30 though. One of the more boring social profiles we do have to admit.

12. Kylian Mbappé – 45 Million Followers


We very much expect Kylian to be on top of this list pretty soon. The Next Big Thing is very active on social media. If he could ever make the move to a proper club then his following would explode.

11. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 45 Million Followers


Zlatan doesn’t use Instagram, Instagram uses Zlatan. Or something like that. The Swede is obviously very entertaining and he has roughly 45 million people that follow him on Insta.

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