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Top 25 Athletes With The Most Instagram Followers

20. Karim Benzema – 36 Million Followers


Karim Benzema is popular and we get why. With his Algerian roots he is easily one the most popular African athletes of all-time.

19. Conor McGregor – 37.3 Million Followers


With his immense fanbase and bulging bank account there is nothing Conor McGregor can’t buy. But do you know what makes him happy, like really happy? Right. A lil’ bag of Haribo!

18. Luis Suarez – 39 Million Followers


“Hi there and welcome to my account! If you like my content please put your thumbs up. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel” – Influencer Luis Suarez

17. Paulo Dybala – 40.4 Million Followers


Paulo Dybala has over 40 million Instagram followers and celebrated this with a huge cake. We see you, Paulo!

16. Mohamed Salah – 41 Million Followers


Mo Salah is the one and only king of Egypt and has a number of followers reflecting this status: 41 million. He always takes his phone with him while having dinner: ready to answer all your DM’s.

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