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Top 10 Countries With The Hottest Female Football Fans

We know we watch the game for the love of it. At least that’s what we tell ourselves. But what if that wasn’t entirely true? What if there was an ulterior motive behind the love of the sport? We’ve never accepted it out in public before, but in this instance, everything is going to change. We’re going to call out the real reason for our insatiable desire to go to the stadiums on matchdays. The real reason we’ve been left devastated when we were told that we couldn’t get to the stadiums anymore.

Let this be your guide for the World Cup.

Opposites Attract

And there are no two ways about it. Even more so at football stadiums. The euphoria that we get from watching these girls being present there is indescribable. They make it exciting and worthwhile to buy season tickets. 

Internationals are the best

Whilst club football is what we’ve been used to year-round, the frequency with which it happens makes it almost like a chore for even the ladies. But when you get to a major international competition, it’s a different story altogether. The effort that these women put in to cheer their countries is extra, and we quite like it.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the top 10 countries with the hottest female football fans. 

10 Russia – Give a tooth for Mother Russia!

Wave that flag. Wave it higher. – via Twitter

We’re not even kidding. Russian girls are some of the hottest around. They look attractive and have a great attitude. They absolutely love the national team too, and so they should.

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Variety is the spice of life. – via Twitter

9. Colombia

A list of beautiful women cannot be complete without including the Colombian girls in it. As family-oriented ladies, they are incredibly loving and nurturing. The national team is something the whole country obsesses about, so the women are no exception. This is a passionate bunch.

It’s never too late for a nurturing from her. – via Twitter

8. Brazil

We would be quite foolish to ignore the Brazilian girls in this list. The friendliest of the lot, these girls are very comfortable in their own bodies and are not afraid to show it off.

Mamma thiccc – via Twitter

They’re also comfortable with physical contact and have the best bikini culture in the entire world. The sun and the beaches do help.

Back at ya, love. – via Twitter

7. Argentina

To round of South America’s place in this list, we’re headed to Argentina. If you wanted prominent European features on a girl in this part of the world, look no further than Argentina.

Vamosss Argentina! – via Twitter

6. South Korea – The fascinating fiend.

You wouldn’t think of South Korea when you view a list of hot female football fans. That’s why you’d be in the wrong. Doing them a grave injustice even.

Ka ka ka kawaiiii… Wait, isn’t that Japanese? – via Twitter

Believe us when we say the ‘Korean Fever’ is true. The highlight of this fever was obviously the 2002 World Cup.

via Twitter

5. Mexico – A double-edged sword

Mexican women are next on this list. These pretty creatures come with a lot of drama and can stifle you with their affection. Rebellious by nature, they tend to be overly late for just about anything. Yes, that includes football matches also.

We’ll let her makeup with us. – via Twitter

Do not hold that against them, though. They’ll more than makeup for it in other ways.

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4. Spain – The Mediterranean Beauties

A warm woman by nature, the Spanish lady, makes it on to this list, thanks to her good nature and universal desirability. There’s something undeniably sexy about a Spanish girl, especially when she opens her mouth to speak. Be prepared to be fed a lot of paellas, rice, and saffron too.

She can feed us all she wants. – via Twitter

3. Italy

The Italian beauty that you have seen on the stands whenever the Azzurri play has got a place on this list and in our hearts. A motherly woman, an Italian girl, loves her Italian food, Italian wine, and Italian everything. The Italian women love the Squadra Azurri.

This woman is going to make one fine nonna. – via Twitter

2. The Netherlands – Oranges are good for your health.

A chill, hip, and casual girl, the Dutch female fans are some of the prettiest football fans on the planet.

An orange a day, and you’ll keep everyone away. Two is better. – via Twitter

They like to go “Dutch” on everything and that can be a good thing from time to time. Just keep your inner white knight in check. These girls are also direct, and open which means what you see is what you get.

1. Poland – Rounding it off with a Pole

Polish girls, with their caring and loving nature, make it to the list as well. A good mix of Western and Slavic cultures, a Pole is naturally beautiful. She has long legs, a slim figure, and a pretty face. She appreciates the importance of family and will not be afraid to commit if she thinks you can take care of her.

Here’s a Pole. Who wants to dance? – via Twitter

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