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Cristiano Ronaldo And His Wife’s Amazing Jewelry Collection: The 5 Most Expensive Pieces

Read on to know more about how one of the wealthiest players in the world likes to spend his riches and what are some of the rarest pieces of jewelry he possesses and flaunts! Wealthy people love their diamonds. While the saying is true for many of the people out there, it is especially true for Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez, who love showing off their bling whenever they step out. Reportedly, their combined jewelry collection is well worth over £2.6 million!


1. Most Expensive Rolex Ever Made 

There is just something about a man that sports a classic accessory like a watch. However, when it is a timeless piece that is made by Rolex, it becomes even more attractive! Everyone knows Ronaldo loves to accessorize, and he is the collector of the world’s most luxurious watches, including the one made by Rolex.  While receiving the Player of the Century award at the Dubai Globe Soccer Awards, we got a glimpse of the magnificent watch, and it truly is a masterpiece. In case you want to buy the Rolex GMT Master Ice, it will set you back by almost £380,000!

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This model is arguably the famed watchmaker’s most expensive one that exists in the world and is made from 18-carat white gold and has hundreds of 30-carat diamonds embedded in it. It is so blingy that you can spot it from a mile away! 

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2. Cristiano Has a Thing for Encrusted Watches

Apparently, this was not enough for the player because the next one on this list is even more expensive than the Rolex! In 2018, Ronaldo was spotted at a press conference to announce his emotional return to playing for Manchester United in the Champions League, and this is where he showed off the Franck Muller watch priced at a jaw-dropping £1.2 million! Why is it so pricey?


Diamonds, of course. The ice on his wrist is covered with glistening jewels and is an upgrade from the £100,000 Jacob and Company limited edition H24 watch he used to sport, which had a total of 15.25 carats diamonds. Back in 2013, he was the brand ambassador for the watch company. 

3. The Gorgeous Engagement Ring

When it is the love of your life, who cares about the price tag? After Ronaldo proposed to his now fiancé, Georgina, she wasted no time in sharing the happy news with the fans that she had indeed said yes!  She was quick to show off the beautiful but giant engagement ring worth £615,000. The band is adorned with glittering diamonds and has a huge sapphire stone as a centerpiece. This one tops the list for the most expensive engagement rings purchased by celebrities! Rodriguez never hesitates to show off the bling with her manicured hands and other diamond bracelets.


She is also a fan of watches and frequently shows off her Patek Philippe TWENTY 4 watch that must have cost upwards of £33,000 and features an 18 carat rose gold finish and diamonds. Georgina’s diamond bracelets worth £25,000 each are also almost as beautiful as her!
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4. Affinity for Feminine Designs

When his fiancé is covered in sparkles, how can Ronaldo be far behind? The athlete has often been spotted with his own set of rings that jointly cost about £250,000!


One of the designs is from the women’s collection and features a gorgeous yellow diamond in the shape of a rough square. It is surrounded by white diamonds and has a similar encrusted band.  Another one that was spotted on Cristiano’s ring finger was a simple yet sophisticated diamond band.

5. Rarest of the Rare

We have spotted a number of footballers wearing diamond studs. However, since a simple white stud would have been too mainstream for Ronaldo, he went a different route.  The athlete chose to purchase an extremely rare set of diamond studs – Black Diamond! He reportedly had to shell out £10,000 to make them his!  With the amount of jewelry the power couple has been spotted with, we wonder how much more there is to it. Do they tend to swap each other’s items? We will never know!

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