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Epic Fails: 8 Footballers Who Are Notorious For Their Fashion Sense

“Fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream.” Donatella Versace uttered these words. It’s a dreamy world, indeed, but did you know that it could turn into a nightmare quickly? Especially if you look at some of the footballers we’ve profiled here. These gentlemen are notorious for their fashion sense. They’ve made people turn their heads with their outfits. Others are just part-time offenders. But the one thing that they have in common is that they forgot to understand that anything that’s on the internet is forever.

They wanted to make a statement. 

A ‘sick’ one at that. The constant need to stay relevant is a prerequisite if you’re in the performing arts field. Actors achieve that through any means necessary. The need for a footballer to do the same makes us realize that these men are part of the showbiz as well. We might not agree with their choices, but the fact that they’ve made us stop and think is undeniable.

1. The serial offender

Hector Bellerin is a Catalan who speaks with a Londoner’s accent. He is a tricky subject, and we have failed to read anything about him. He is unfathomable. Moving to Arsenal in 2011, he has quickly become a star who makes more noise off the pitch. Be it with his hairstyle or fashion sense, he makes sure that all eyes are on him. We have spotted him on more than one occasion wearing things that we would not even dream of.

Hector’s an intriguing person. His style is not for everyone. – via Instagram

2. Blurring the lines 

Lines get unclear over time. We can see the change happening right in front of our eyes, and there is nothing that we can do about it. One such person who is playing a part in the shift is DCL. Dominic Calvert Lewin is quickly getting recognized as a maverick when it comes to fashion. Thanks to his quirky sense of style, he has made it to our Top List. The Everton striker’s Instagram is strewn with pictures of his escapades.

Dom is wearing a jumpsuit. Don’t tell us it isn’t. – via Instagram

3 + 4. Portugal’s in a Crisis

Decision-making was never Pepe’s strong suit. The Portuguese defender seldom does anything ghastly off the pitch. But there was this instance when he wore an outfit that is not fit for a professional footballer. In fact, no one should be wearing it, as far as we’re concerned. The worst part about it was there was a co-offender in this scenario- one Mr. Quaresma. If this is what the Portuguese gentlemen wore, we pity their womenfolk.

Pro Fashion Tip- Just don’t follow these men. – via Instagram

5 + 6. The old-timers are guilty

When you think of Zinedine Zidane, you don’t expect him to feature in a list of footballers who have made a Sick Style statement. Sadly, he has failed us on more than one occasion. We think it could have something to do with his physical conditioning. The man could get back on the pitch and still kick some arse. But that doesn’t mean that he can dress like a teenager. Not even on holiday, plainly because he’s the man in charge of the most prestigious club in the world.

You knew that he was just half interested in the job when he showed up like this to his presentation. -via Instagram

The next man on this list is Thierry Henry. He is an obscure figure when it comes to fashion. Thierry usually flies under the radar, but there was this one time when he wore a t-shirt with a tie printed on it. Anyone over the age of three wearing something like that should never be allowed to buy clothes for themselves. Ever again.

We have massive respect for you, Thierry. Don’t ever do anything like this. – via Instagram

7. Life’s got a learning curve

Cristiano Ronaldo is an impeccably dressed person now. But he didn’t get there without committing those dreaded fashion mistakes. CR has improved every aspect of his life and has learned from his mistakes and made sure he never repeated any of them. That is why we’ve taken it easy on him.

How did SAF allow this? – via Instagram

8. Clowning around

Neymar. Jr. Enough said.

We are speechless. – via Instagram

There are quite a few footballers who have done crazy things over the years. There will be a lot more who’d do weirder things in the future. For now, though, that’s all we have for you. 

** All images in this post are from Instagram/External sources. We do not own these pictures **.

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