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10 Football Legends Who Are Still Fitter Than You Years After Their Retirement

Some footballer might bulk up after retiring from football, but some continue to retain their incredible physique even after hanging the boots. Read on to know about 10 such footballers who kept great physiques after retirement.

Retiring from football also means retiring from daily rigorous training, a strict eating regime, and consciousness about one’s physique. But some legendary footballers are an exception to this phenomenon. Such players continue to maintain their same solid body that they had before their retirement. Read on to know some of these players who still haven’t let go of their abs and muscles!

10. David Beckham


David Beckham was once known as the hottie of the football industry, and surprisingly, he is called the same even today! The former Real Madrid star may have retired from playing football, but he has not retired from looking fit, and this would become evident once you see the shirtless picture of the player taken just recently. Well, considering that the English player is also a model, you’d expect him to maintain his former frame.

9. Thierry Henry

Football managers are not exempted from running on the training ground. And the ex-Arsenal star Thierry Henry would know all about it. Being the CF Montreal manager,  Henry is required to run up and down the training ground quite frequently. And needless to say, Thierry is not the kind of player who could control himself when there’s a rolling football on the pitch. So yes, he gets his training done.

8. Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand may have hung up the boots a long time ago, but he continues to be a part of the football realm as a pundit. And his Instagram posts tell us that he has not ceased to body-build his already perfect physique. The BT Sport Pundit often flaunts his perfect built on social media, and silently challenges the current Manchester United players to match his vibe.

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7. Pep Guardiola

Now that Pep Guardiola is no longer a player, you wouldn’t see the Manchester City coach take his shirt off. However, his magnificently maintained physique could be noted even through the layers of clothing he wears. He is definitely fitter than me and you!

6. Paolo Maldini

Back in the day, Paolo Maldini may not have removed his shirt often as a player, but the excellent build of the star defender could nonetheless be noticed. Even years after retirement, the former player has still retained his chiseled abs, as observed when Paolo walked shirtless on a Miami beach. The credit would go to tennis!

5. Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane is arguably one of the best French players of all time! And now, he has also become one of the best managers of all time by taking Los Blancos to new heights of glory. But is he taking care of his body post-retirement? Oh yes, the Real Madrid coach, who has retired from playing long ago, has kept himself in shape through regular exercise and perhaps, a healthy diet!

4. Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo was never known for an extraordinary body, despite being the best player on the pitch at times. However, he was certainly fit than most of his peers. And now, he is still working hard towards maintaining that frame, even in his 40s. We must admit, he is doing a fine job at that. He confidently flexed his smooth abdomen and bulked up muscles on the beach when he was holidaying with family!

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3. Antonio Conte

Antoine Conte is lauded for being an exceptional manager as he was for being a player. This guy indeed has his eyes on the prize always. But surprisingly, even amid the chaos of managing Inter Milan, the former Chelsea coach still has a perfect build. He could easily outrun some of the current players with that frame!

2. Cafu

Cafu has done well in keeping himself in shape after retiring as a player. Though the role of pundit does not require any running, the former Brazilian must have done his daily cardio and ate everything right to retain his glorious body, which brought him the fame, fortune, and adoration he has today.

1. Carles Puyol

Once upon a time, the sight of a bare-bodied Carles was common around Camp Nou. However, now that the legendary defender has hung up the boots, only the air of the player remains around the stadium. But turns out, back at home Carles Puyol has not let himself go and continues to train to keep himself fit.

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