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10 Famous Footballers Players That Cried Their Eyes Out: A Sad Story

Football Players That Cry. While a defeat in a football game can be heartbreaking for the fans, at times, even footballers can’t hold their tears back. Read on to know about 10 times when footballers were reduced to tears.

Once a legend said, “football is not just a sport, it’s an emotion”, and this saying couldn’t have been truer. Countless times some of the biggest legends of football were brought to tears. From Gianluigi Buffon to Cristiano Ronaldo, they have all wept with the world, either because of a glorious victory or a heartbreaking loss. Read on to know about 10 such footballers who couldn’t help but sob in front of the camera.

10. John Terry

John Terry knows about heartbreak because of losing a crucial game all too well. When Chelsea was on the brink of winning the Champions League final back in 2008 against Manchester United, it all came down to Terry’s penalty kick. Alas, the Chelsea star missed the vital penalty and awarded the title to the Red Devils. The defender couldn’t help but weep at this moment.

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9. David Seaman

World Cup matches can put a lot of pressure on goalkeepers, it’s legit a do or die for them. This is perhaps why David Seaman was reduced to tears when England was knocked out of the world cup because of the Ronaldinho free-kick, which David couldn’t stop.

8. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is the man that everyone turns up to when a crucial goal is needed. But even kings have bad days, and Cristiano Ronaldo is no exception to it. When Portugal lost to the underdogs Greece in the 2004 European Championship, the Juventus star broke down in front of the camera.

7. Gianluigi Buffon

When Italy failed to qualify for the 2018 word cup finals after their loss against Sweden, Gianluigi Buffon couldn’t hold his tears back. The worst part is, it was the final game of the Italian goalkeeper, who wished to hang his boots on a high note. Unfortunately, that dream never came to pass. The thought that he would never be able to compensate for the defeat, didn’t help either.

6. David Beckham

For someone who has been playing football almost all his life, it was not easy for David Beckham to hang the boots once and for all, and it was certainly not sob-free. The Manchester United and then the Real Madrid legend was reduced to tears when he played his last ever game for PSG against Brest. David soaked in the stadium one final time, with tears in his eyes and pain in his heart.

5. David Luiz

Letting down your country in a world cup game has to be one of the worst things ever for a footballer. But to lose with a humiliating scoreline of 7-1, must hit unreal levels of heartbreak. David Luiz would know about this all too well, as the defender began to sob when Brazil lost to Germany at the 2014 world cup. Considering the mortifying loss that Brazil faced, David was not alone in grieving the defeat. He had millions of Brazilians weeping with him.

4. Loris Karius

Loris Karius gave the most horrendous performance of his life against Real Madrid in the 2018 Champions League final, which brought the mighty Liverpool on its knees. Karius, who was solely held responsible for the loss by Liverpool fans, couldn’t hold his tears back and wept right on the pitch.

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3. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi knows all about international heartbreak. But the 2016 Copa America final hit the Barcelona star particularly harder. The reason? Messi missed the one penalty that would have been enough to keep Argentina afloat during the penalty-shootout. The knowledge that it was Messi himself who brought upon the loss was too much for the Argentine to take.

2. Mario Balotelli

When Italy lost to Spain, Mario Balotelli couldn’t help but break down. That too, after climbing the ladder of the 2002 European Championship to almost reach the pinnacle. He knows the hard work it took to reach there, despite the odds. And watching all the efforts wash away didn’t settle well with the player.

1. Paul Gascoigne

Paul Gascoigne flooded the pitch with tears when the player got a yellow card. But wait, hear us out. The yellow card meant that he would’ve missed the World Cup final, had England reached the final, which they didn’t. But it made people realize just how much the sportsman is passionate about his country and the game. This was enough for Paul to earn the name ‘Gazza’ by his fans.


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