SHOCKING: Yolanthe and Wesley Sneijder get a divorce

sneijder yolanthe divorce

WTFoot has discovered that Dutch celebrity-couple Wesley Sneijder and Yolanthe Cabau are getting a divorce. The two had been married for almost 9 years and have not yet explained why they are seperating. Sneijder has opened up a little bit on his Instagram account, stating that he ‘messed up’ and that he demands a bit of quiet time for ‘his’ family.

The record international of the Netherlands is currently playing in Qatar, atΒ Al-Gharafa. Yolanthe spent most of her time in the United States because of her work as an actress. Perhaps the distance drove the two apart.

And so one of the most desired WAGS in the worldΒ  is single once again. Yolanthe is famous for rather obvious reasons.

This was one of her first roles on Dutch TV:

And in this is her in a Dutch comedy show:

Yolanthe is single once more guys!

One of the guys that might think he has a shot at ‘landing’ Yolanthe is star Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen. After the news about the divorce hit the news he immediately started following the actress on Instagram. Interesting move, Max.

Dutch Formula 1 star Max Verstappen is already following Yolanthe

Sneijder better be careful of his furniture!

Yolanthe is notorious for dealing with break-ups in a pretty strange way. She likes to empty the house of her ex boyfriends. At least that is what the mother of Jan Smit, her ex-boyfriend believes.

Yolanthe en wesley sneijder
Cabau’s ex mother-in-law once declared that she took away all of her sons furniture and kitchen equipment after they broke up.

It is pretty obvious why Gerda does not really like Cabau as she once cheated on her son with Wesley Sneijder. It was the start of the Sneijder-Cabau relationship and luckily for us, it was all caught on camera!

sneijder yolanthe
The couples first kiss was recorded with a security camera. Oh how times have changed

We at WTFoot will definitely keep an eye out for any developments on this rather remarkable break-up story. Just look at this cute picture down below. Sneijder and Yolanthe got an extreme make-over to make them look like 80 year olds. Unfortunately this will not be something they will experience together in real life. Sad.

Wesley Yolanthe Divorce
It seems that the two are not going to grow old together

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