10 Interesting Facts About Mallory Pugh

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Mallory Pugh is a celebrated football icon in the United States national women’s soccer team. She plays for the Chicago Red stars as a forward which is a highly coveted position. Her journey to play for the national team begun way back when she was playing for the under -17 team and under- 20 teams. In January 2016, Mallory made her debut in the international scene playing for the United States senior team against Ireland. At the time, she was 17 years old making her the youngest player since 2002 to play for the national team.

During the match, Mallory managed to score at the 83rd minute which earned her a spot at the 2016 summer Olympics. This marked the beginning of her very illustrious career. Below are ten facts about the living legend who has been described by teen vogue as the ‘’next Mia Hamm.’’

Mallory remembers where she came from

Mallory was born on 29th April 1998 in Littleton, Colorado. Littleton is a small town in the highlands where she would practice her football skills in their garage. Mallory’s mom who is her biggest fan talks of how her daughter was frazzled between managing school and play. She was a very active student in school taking part in all typical activities such as prom and playing for her high school team. Mallory also attributes her success to that environment that supported her and gave her time to pursue her dreams.

She knows how  to score

Pugh played her first game in 2016 and managed to score making her the youngest to score in the Olympics. She entered the game at the 58th minute and used a header to driver her team to their 5th goal.  This was a brilliance show of performance that got many tongues wagging on her prowess on the pitch.

Yet another attempt on goal, it seems to be a matter of time before she’s breaking more records /

We at WTFoot are almost certain that she is going to have a very bright future.

Friendship and icecream

When Mallory is not busy practicing or scoring goals for her team, she is just a typical teenager who loves spending time with her friends. Her instagram consist of her and her friends getting ice cream and shopping.

mallory pugh friends
Hanging with friends is just her kind of fun /

She still has plenty of time left in her life to be serious, now is not that time. Not yet.

World record breaker

At just 18 years of age, Mallory has a number of records under her belt. She is the second Olympian after Cindy Parlow to score in the Olympics during her first game against Ireland. Mallory is a month younger than Parlow when she broke the record in 1996.

Fashion sense

Mallory is a jack of all trades when it comes to her passions.  In her final year high school project, she studied how fashion relates to one’s personality, a topic that is clearly out of line with her skills in the field.

mallory pugh fashion
She definitely has a way around fashion. Interesting choice here /

On the flipside however, Mallory says she didn’t learn anything. We are not exactly sure if we believe that though.

Studying? She didn’t think so

Ditching school by successful individuals has become the norm for many talented professionals and Mallory is no exceptional. In 2016, Mallory had planned to Join University of California for her undergraduate studies in 2017 but decided to forego that decision.

pugh college
She did graduate highschool though, good for her. /

Her football star was shining brightly and clearly that was the best decision. However, unless you are going pro like Mallory, don’t ditch school.

Drake Fangirl

Drake is a Canadian born rapper who has made numerous best hits such as God’s Plan. He has a large following world-wide for his simple but catchy rhymes which get many on their feet and Mallory is no exception to this legendary rapper.

Pugh’s family – its all in the genes

Mallory clearly gets her skills from her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pugh. Her dad was both a footballer and athlete and mom was a marathon athlete. Mallory’s older sister was also a soccer player who inspired to take up football as her favorite. By the age of four, Mallory was already dribbling better than kids her age.

Who is Mallory Pugh currently dating? 

Pugh is a powerful is dating fellow sports icon, Dansby Swanson. Swanson and Mallory met in 2017 through his brother-in-law and have been together ever since. Swanson is a professional baseball shortstop and the couple make a cute pair.

A very cute couple indeed /

The face of Nike

In 2017, Mallory signed an endorsement deal with Nike. Since then, Mallory has appeared in various Nike promotions alongside Lionel Messi. 


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