Ronald Koeman’s obsession with Barça leads to yet another betrayal

Dutch coach proves to be a sell-out (again!)

Ronald Koeman might just be one of the most unreliable coaches in the history of coaching. The Dutchman is set to sign with Spanish giants FC Barcelona, a lifelong dream of Ronald but also another sign of his rather weak personality.

The move comes after a shocking 8-2 Barça defeat and the subsequent sacking of Setién, who had only been at the club for a handful of games.

The sad thing is that Ronald has consistently told the Dutch football association that a move to FC Barcelona would be out of the question before the European Championship. Even up untill a month ago he had stated that moving away now would be an absolute no-go.

The facts have proven that he is a sell-out after all.

He has never made much of a secret of the fact that he has been utterly obsessed with managing Barcelona.

Right now he is going to get the chance to manage the club but rumours have it that Barça and the KNVB (the Dutch FA) have actually already agreed on releasing the manager after about a year, which means he might still be back as the national manager for the Dutch team after all.

We very much doubt that anyone in Holland will still want to work with RK though. What we do know is that he isn’t going to last very long at the Catalan club. The presidential elections are right around the corner, the team is a complete mess and on top of all Lionel Messi is most likely going to leave.

RK04BAR – Another sign of his obsession. If that is not the most narcissistic license plate ever then we don’t know what is.

Is he fit enough for the job?

You would think that a manager’s fitness wouldn’t be quite as important as his players but in the case of Koeman it very well might be. His continuous battle with obesity has lead us to believe that he would better be careful in Barcelona, a city well known for it’s greasy tapas.

This is how Ronald view loyalty, apparently
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