Phil Foden becomes a father at age 18

Manchester City ace and girlfriend Rebecca Cooke have a baby boy!

We have recently got our eyes on a remarkable piece of news. Phil Foden, one of the finest prospects of English football and currently playing for Manchester City, has become a father at the age of 18.

The young star is still living with his parents and the same holds true for his girlfriend and the mother of the baby: Rebecca Cooke. It is rumoured but not confirmed that the two have a baby-boy. The couple are still very young, they are both just 18 years old but they have stated that they are both extremely happy with new addition to the family.

The midfielder is obviously going to support the baby and his girlfriend and that is just amazing!

Foden posts regularly on social media but he almost never shows anything about his private life. He is already dating Rebecca for a while but he deliberately keeps his love-life off of social media. Smart move!

foden father rebecca
A rare sight of the couple

The midfielder, who was born in Stockport, England has been playing at City since the age of 8 and he recently signed his first big contract with the club. Star manager Pep Guardiola absolutely loves his talent.

He has been in the first team since 2016 but since the 2018-2019 season he is starting to have a real impact on the team he has already played 19 matches this season and even managed to score 3 goals in the process.

He has even made his Champions League debut which really shows the potential of this talent and the trust that manager Pep has for the lad.

WTFoot has obviously already dug in the life of the young star, so if you want to know everything about the midfielder then have a look at his wiki.

For now we would like to congratulate the couple and we are sure to hear a lot more from the Citizen in the future!

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