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Who is April Ivy? Juicy details about Ruben Dias’s girlfriend

April Ivy Quick Facts & Wiki

BirthdayJuly 10th, 1999
Place of BirthPortugal
ResidencyManchester, England
BoyfriendRuben Dias
JobSinger / Songwriter
Height1.68 m (5 ft 6 in)
Weight54 kg (119 lbs)
TattoosApril currently has no tattoos
SmokingNo, never
Sister / BrotherApril has two siblings. Their names are unknown.
Father & MotherDetails about April’s parents are not available
Hair ColorDyed
Eye ColorBrown
Net Worth (approx.)$75,000

April Ivy Biography

Welcome to the biography of April Ivy, the girlfriend of Ruben Dias. Allow us to educate you about April. But who is she exactly? What kind of hobbies does she have, what did she study and what about her life with Ruben? Read alone and get to know all facts!

What’s in a name? Well, everything.

Born as Mariana Gonçalves on the 10th of July 1999 to Portuguese parents, this girl changed her name to April Ivy for the stage. As a pop star who sang in English, she realized that her birth name wasn’t going to cut it. She chose an artistic moniker for herself and goes by that now.

I did well choosing April, didn’t I? -via Instagram

Biography of a Portuguese superstar

If the mention of “Portuguese” and “superstar” made you think of a certain footballer, then you’ve got this all wrong. There is a new kid on the block, who has just come to Manchester, and she’s killing it. A solid talent, this girl is a singer who can also compose music. April is also gifted with the piano and the guitar. 

Music is the breath of life.

April Ivy became a star as a teenager. A skilled singer, her single ‘Be Ok’ climbed to the number one spot in Portugal’s iTunes chart in 2016. She released a single called ‘Unstoppable’ in 2015 and also has five others to her name. The newest came out in 2019, and later that year were made into an album called She also featured in Diogo Piçarra’s “Não Sou Eu” in 2017. This maiden is signed to Universal Music France and is well on track to becoming the best pop musician to come out of Europe.

She is a performer. This girl can work a crowd. – via Instagram

Lisbon is where talent meets!

April had already made a name for herself before she met Ruben. The young footballer was a relatively unknown figure in 2018 when these two started seeing each other. The footballer is two years older than her, and they kept their relationship under wraps initially. The first time she mentioned anything about him was when she posted an image on her social media in June 2019. The girl has since moved to the northwest of England to be closer to her lover.

Tune the noise out when you’re with me, baby. – via Instagram

London is just a stone’s throw away.

Despite moving to a new country, April hasn’t lost her focus. She knows that her career is too valuable and that she worked hard to get where she is now. That’s why she has been working on a new album in England’s capital. We’re expecting the work to be out soon.

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What defines Mariana? 

Or should we say, April Ivy? Well, this normal girl is Mariana to family, but April to the world. She never lets her work intervene in her personal life. This girl has a loving household of mum, dad, and two siblings. She spends quality time with everyone and doesn’t take them for granted. To her, the family is the most valuable aspect of life, and she hopes to have one of her own in the future.

Thank heavens April looks like her mum. – via Instagram

Let’s make use of all that glam, shall we?

This Portuguese figure does have an ambassadorial role with an Italian apparel brand called Tezenis. The only reason we can think of for her to not having more deals signed is due to her music career. In between all the recordings, she hardly finds the time to commit to another mark.

Yes, let us. – via Instagram

Engulf everyone around you!

April has this tendency to make herself accessible to everyone around her. She has been teaching her man to make music, and the two of them did release a beautiful rendition of Far From Home on her gram. We think she might turn him into a pop star too. 

Love, live, and let live!

Be free and just live, people. – via Instagram

This is her motto in life. This gal loves everything and everyone around her. There isn’t even a tiny piece of her that hates anything at all. We wish more people were like her. The world would definitely be a better place. 

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