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Who is Ana Pinho? Biography of Bruno Fernandes’ Wife

Biography of Ana Pinho

Ana Pinho is the wife to the football icon Bruno Fernandes. This article contains interesting information about her love life with husband Bruno, her passions, a lot more about her personality, and some more bits on what drives her to be who she is.

A happy family. You’re looking at it

The stunning beauty is of Portuguese origin and was born on 18th April 1994. She went to school in Boavista and had a joyful and quiet childhood as she describes it. Ana has been often described as a loving and supportive wife by her husband Bruno. She doesn’t look a day older 20 due to her youthful looks and is quite charming to the eye. Ana is 26 years old and has been married to the football star for the past 6 years. Their love story is like no other as they were each other’s first loves. The couple have two kids who have been an inspiration to them through their lives.

Ana Pinho and Bruno Fernandes

Ana and Fernandes have been married for the past years. Their love story began way back in Boavista where they were classmates. At sixteen years old, Ana caught Bruno’s eye and since then, they have been together. Ana was Bruno’s first love and was the only girl he ever dated. Their love was tested when Bruno had to leave his home country for Portugal. Ana had an option to stay and live her life but Ana decided to follow her boyfriend and help him achieve his goals.

This helped solidify the relationship and after dating for three years, the pair got married in 2015. In 2017, Ana was blessed with the fruit of the womb and gave birth to a little girl called Matilde. The same year also marked Bruno’s return to Portugal through being contracted by one of his home teams. The year marked to be both fruitful and blessed for Ana and her family.

Proud (and beautiful) mom with (beautiful) second child!

Bruno is a family man who has been quoted several times stating that he shares his success with his family ensuring that in every game, Ana and baby Matilde are there to see him play. On 6th September 2020, Ana and Bruno welcomed their second born child named Goncalo Fernandes.

Professional career

Ana Pinho is a housewife who takes her duties of caring for the family very seriously. Having given up schooling to support her husband’s dreams is not something many would do. In all of Bruno’s matches, Ana ensures that she is at the seats cheering her husband. She is also a mother of two and we all know how cumbersome that can be, however, Ana plays her role as a mother and a wife effortlessly and is an inspiration to many through her blogs on the social media platforms.

She is a professional home chef – Ana absolutely loves to cook.

Net worth, Income, and Lifestyle

Ana Pinho and her husband have an estimated net worth of 7 Million Euros. Bruno’s earnings of playing for Manchester United afford her a lavish lifestyle of fine dining and wining. Her instagram posts indicate a life of opulence with month long vacations that can run up to thousands of Euros. In 2019, Fernandes signed a 3 million Euros per year contract in his current club; Manchester United. With such a salary, the family can afford luxurious cars and vacations across Portugal.

Bruno & Ana

After playing for three months in Manchester United, Bruno was named the Premier League player of the month which meant more allowances and endorsements for him and his family. Bruno‘s number one sponsor is Nike which diversifies the family’s income streams.

Social Media reach

Ana is an internet sensation to the current generation. She is very active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts. Ana has managed to garner over 90k followers on instagram and is quite active on the other sites too. Ana posts a pic almost daily, sharing moments of her and her husband with their lovely daughter Matilde. Her pictures show that she is a full time mom with lots of love to give to her young family.

Fashion sense. She has it. And she likes to show it. Good stuff.

Ana is not shy to express her to her daughter through poems and mommy-daughter outfits. Among her other posts with her husband is all smiles on family vacations which indicates her happy and satisfied life. She is clearly very happy being a mother and hopes to inspire others through her posts. With such a beautiful family, it is inevitable for the brazen beauty to continue gaining more followers.

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