Bruno Fernandes

Discover everything you want to know about Bruno Fernandes: his current girlfriend or wife, his salary and his tattoos. Find out what house the Portuguese midfielder lives in and have a look at his cars!


BirthdateSeptember 8th 1994
BirthplaceMaia, Portugal
Length1.79 m (5 ft 10 in)
TeamManchester United
NicknameSuper Bruno

Fernandes Salary & Net Worth Revealed

Salary 2021

How much does he earn?

In November 2019 the midfielder signed a contract with Manchester United that nets him a whopping salary of 3 Million Euro (2.5 Million Pound) per year. We have crunched the numbers, this means he earns €8,219 (£6,849) per day and €342 (£285) per hour!

Per year€3,000,000£2,608,696
Per month€250,000£217,391
Per week€57,692£50,167
Per day€8,219£7,147
Per hour€342£298
Per minute€6£5

Since you've been viewing this page, Bruno Fernandes has earned...

This means the average man needs to work for at least 6.94 years to earn the same as Super Bruno earns in only 1 month.

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Net Worth & Market Value

Net Worth:7 Million Euro (5.9 Million Pound)
Market Value:60 Million Euro (50.4 Million Pound)
His net worth stands at 7 million Euros as of writing. His market value has risen considerably after several top European clubs have expressed their interest in signing him.

Love Life - Single, Girlfriend or Wife?

Bruno Fernandes Wife - Ana Pinho

Our footballer is joined on a dinner date with his lovely wife. The company has definitely made him ignore the drab ambiance.
Bruno Fernandes Wife - Ana Pinho

Eating and clicking selfies has to be this couple's favorite activity in the entire world. Here's them on another one of their dinner dates.

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Family - Get to know them


Picture of Bruno  Fernandes , called

When he gets together with his family, the whole bunch is present. This man believes in the power of the crowd.

Fernandes Tattoo - Does he have one?

Bruno  Fernandes tattoo, the Portuguese  number 18 from Maia, Portugal

He's got a tattoo on his right arm. We checked for other places, but couldn't find any.
Bruno  Fernandes tattoo, the Portuguese  number 18 from Maia, Portugal

On taking a closer look at the tattoo, it reveals that he has his initials and the number 8 on his arm. 8 is significant to him because he was born on the 8th of September, and it also happens to be his squad number in Sporting.
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House - Where does he live?

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

House of the Portuguese  number 18, located in Lisbon, Portugal

He's got a beautiful daughter called Matilde. She's at home in Lisbon, dressed up for Halloween. We always love white or similar colored furnishings.
Location: Porto, Portugal

House of the Portuguese  number 18, located in Porto, Portugal

Since our boy is a Porto native, he's got a house there as well. He's celebrating Christmas this year in Porto. We love this cheerful family to bits.

Fernandes Car - What does he drive?

Picture of his    car

Seen with his wife, we can see that his car has a sunroof. Isn't the whole idea of a car to be confined in a closed space? Yet, we seek ways to see more light, to be more free with sunroofs and convertible tops. It just proves that Inherent human nature is to be free.

Player Bio

This young midfielder is another one of those daring people that likes a challenge. He knew that his home country wouldn't satisfy his footballing needs, which is why he moved to a much better atmosphere. He made his move early and is now reaping the benefits of his hard work. He migrated to Italy at a very early age, playing in the Serie B for Novara. Udinese gave him his Serie A debut in November 2013, after they had signed him from the second division. He spent three seasons with the Udine based club, a quick one year stint at Genoa-based Sampdoria, before moving back to his home country to play for Sporting Lisbon in 2017. He's only 25 but has vast experience from playing in Italy, and this has reflected in his game ever since he moved back to Portugal. His most prolific season, yet, came in 2018-19, and it put him on the map. There were quite a few clubs in Europe that were vying for his signature, but he decided to stay back in Portugal. He has continued to put in good performances and that is why in the winter of 2020 he finally had his breakthrough. His move to Manchester United cost the English club 55 million euro's and we are sure that he is going to be a sensation in England. As a Portuguese international player, he represented his country in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. He has also played at various youth levels for his country.

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