Jose Aldo: Wife, Family, Prize Money & Net Worth

BirthdaySeptember 9th, 1986
Place of BirthManaus, Amazonas, Brazil
ResidencyManaus, Amazonas, Brazil
Height1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Weight61 kg (134 lbs)
TattoosHe has a cross inked on one of his shoulders.
Sister / BrotherRosilene Oliveira and Josilene Souza are his sisters.
Father & MotherJose Aldo Sr. and Rocilene Souza are his parents.
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Net Worth (approx.)$10 Million


Born on the 9th of September 1986 in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, the King of Rio is a Bantamweight fighter who competes in the UFC. As someone who started fighting to defend himself on the street, this young man figured out that he was really good at it and decided to become a professional. After training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu for a while, he decided to take the big leap. Debuting as a pro on the 10th of August 2004, he spent time with multiple organisations in his native country. Tasting victory whilst fighting can be very addictive. This was what pushed this man onto the next level too.

Is he even a fighter? He looks like the most likable guy on the planet. – via Instagram

His star began to rise when he joined World Extreme Cagefighting. This move was the precursor to his UFC career. Because they merged with UFC not long after he joined them. As a result, the young man was given the inaugural UFC Featherweight Champion title on 20 November 2010. He defended it successfully and went on to achieve other great things too. Things have been interesting for this man up until now. He still has some unfinished business in the UFC and will be hoping to take care of that.

Jose Aldo Wife

16 years is a long time to be with someone. There can only be one reason for people to stay together that long. No, it’s not money, lads. It’s this magical thing called love. Vivianne, the woman in his life, came into his gym first. That was where he met her. Vivianne, who is a trained fighter too, caught his eye. They began dating and were married sooner than you think.

Vivianne is one of the nicest women around. She might look all tough, but she’s just a big softie. – via Instagram

Who is Jose Aldo currently dating?

A woman with a big heart, this young lady invited our fighter to live with her in her parent’s house. However, Vivianne’s dad made it clear that they had to be married to move in together. And things happened. Just like that. He hasn’t looked at another woman and won’t be doing so anytime soon.

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Family: Parents, Siblings & Children

Jose Aldo Sr. and Rocilene Souza are the parents of our MMA star. This young man’s dad was a bricklayer whilst his mum was a housewife. Sadly, their parents separated when he was a little kid. The man stayed with his dad, and it turned out to be a good decision. His dad, who encouraged him to become the best at what he did, had a liking for combat sports and fully understood what it’d take for him to go all the way. This young man has been lucky in one way, at least. We think he has two sisters named Rosilene Oliveira and Josilene Souza. This Brazilian has a daughter named Joanna with his wife.

Where is he running off to? This man’s giving us the impression that he’d rather be somewhere else than in the octagon. – via Instagram

Jose Aldo Total Prize Money & Net Worth

A serial title winner, this young man has a W-L-D record of 31-7-0. His striking accuracy is about 46%, whilst his grappling is accurate 54 out of 100 times. This Brazilian, thanks to his success, enjoys a net worth of about $10 million as of writing.

How much does Jose Aldo earn per year?

This was him being advised on passports and how they work. People from his country have a tendency to make their own, don’t they? – via Instagram

Reebok is the only brand that has been associated with him. We think he makes close to $500,000 a year from his deal with the sportswear company.

Unknown facts about Jose Aldo

  • Did you know that this man started training because he just liked to fight?
  • His favourite technique is the arm lock.
  • The Brazilian played football just like the rest of the kids in his country.
  • He supports Flamengo and is also a fan of Chelsea FC.
  • He has stated that he went to college. However, it isn’t clear what he studied.
  • Did you know that he adores Mike Tyson?
  • Have you seen the scar on his face? That’s from him being dropped on a barbecue as an infant.

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