Pep Guardiola

BirthdateJanuary 18th, 1971
BirthplaceSantpedor, Spain
Length1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Positiondefensive midfielder
NicknameThe Exceptional One
TraitsVisionary Passer

Picture of the 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in) tall Spanish  defensive midfielder of

Guardiola Salary & Net Worth

How much did Pep Guardiola earn?

Pep Guardiola has a net worth of...

45 Million Euros (50.7 Million Dollars)

An above-average player that made it big as a coach, the Exceptional One, as he fondly describes himself, has become a big name in the dugouts. His tactical ingenuity can be seen in all the teams that he has managed so far. He is someone who is known to mix things up with his teams, and rarely do they play boring football. A major chunk of his earnings come from his time as a coach. He has managed the legendary Barcelona side, a world-class Bayern team, and the newly rich Citizens. He also has endorsement deals with Puma and Nissan. His net worth is about 45 million Euros and will increase if he continues managing at the highest level.

Current Job

What does Guardiola currently do?

Pep  Guardiola current job, the Spanish  number 4 from Santpedor, Spain
Described as the most stylish man in football by many, this bald genius currently manages the Manchester City team. His transition to coaching has been smooth, to say the least. (Image:

Iconic Moments

Good kid gone bad?
Pep  Guardiola most iconic moment, the Spanish  number 4 from Santpedor, Spain
Was this a case of a sweet looking young boy going rogue, or was it about an unsuspecting youngster injecting himself with unwarranted substances? It was neither. Athletes do foolish things from time to time, but one thing that they won't jeopardize is their livelihoods. You'd have to be colossally stupid to purposefully use a banned substance, but when said substance made its way into dietary supplements, you do have an excuse. He has maintained innocence from day one, and we're giving him the benefit of the doubt. He was vindicated of all charges in 2009, but the truth about how nandrolone, the banned substance, got into his body is still a mystery. (Image:

Johan's student
Pep  Guardiola most iconic moment, the Spanish  number 4 from Santpedor, Spain
The guy was a keen student back in the day. Here he is intently listening to what Johan has to say. The philosophy of playing good football was ingrained in him by the legend himself. He has taken that to his heart and follows it to this day. The famous tiki-taka style that his teams adopted, especially FC Barcelona, might seem a bit annoying to anyone that's not a fan, but there's a sense of complete control and a twisted logic behind the idea. It's beautiful in its own way and stems from Cruyff's concepts. He has made adjustments to the approach since, but the core remains the same. (Image:

Where it all began!
Pep  Guardiola most iconic moment, the Spanish  number 4 from Santpedor, Spain
His coaching career began at Barcelona. He managed the Catalan side for six seasons, and their domination of the sport was filthy. Everyone was in awe and did everything they could to stop this juggernaut. No matter what they tried, nothing seemed to work. (Image:

Manager of the Best Team Ever?
Pep  Guardiola most iconic moment, the Spanish  number 4 from Santpedor, Spain
Was the Barcelona side that he managed the best team ever to play the game? That's debatable. But they're right up there in the top three. The Catalan boss had the most dependable unit at his disposal, and they were perfectly in sync. He also had an extraterrestrial in Leo. It would be unfair to give complete credit to the boss alone. But he did a great job of keeping everyone happy, and the rest just ensued. (Image:

Love Life - Single, Girlfriend or Wife?

Pep Guardiola Wife - Cristina
Picture of his Wife, who goes by the name Cristina.
We thought that was Zooey Deschanel for a second. The resemblance is uncanny. (Image:

Pep Guardiola Wife - Cristina
Picture of his Wife, who goes by the name Cristina.
He met Cristina when he was 18 and has been married to her since 2014. The couple has three children together. She looks stunning in this German attire. (Image:

Family - Get to know them

Guardiola Mother - Dolors
Picture of Pep  Guardiola Mother, called Dolors
Dolors passed away recently after contracting the Coronavirus. Our deepest condolences are with the coach and his family at this time. (Image:

Guardiola Brother - Pere
Picture of Pep  Guardiola Brother, called Pere
Pere is his younger brother and is a football agent. Luis Suarez is one of his clients. He should try to fully shave his head. It'll work on him. (Image:

Guardiola Car - What does he drive?

Range Rover
Picture of his Range Rover   car
The Range Rover might be a great car, but we're questioning his decision to wanting to be behind the wheel. (Image:

Bentley GTX700
Picture of his Bentley GTX700   car
The man has owned and damaged a Mercedes GLE, a Range Rover, a Bentley GTX700, and a Mini Cooper during his time in Manchester. He clearly has issues with the right-hand drive system. (Image:

House - Where does he live?

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
House of the Spanish  number 4, located in Manchester, United Kingdom
He almost didn't take the job in Manchester because he couldn't find a place that he liked. It's a sweet ending for the Sheykh because everything turned out to be Ok. (Image:

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