Luis Figo

BirthdateNovember 4th 1972
BirthplaceAlmada, Portugal
Length1.80 m (5 ft 10.75 in)
NicknameLion King
TraitsTechnical Dribbler

Picture of the 1.80 m (5 ft 10.75 in) tall Portuguese  forward of

Figo Salary & Net Worth

How much did Luis Figo earn?

Luis Figo has a net worth of...

50 Million Euros (56 Million Dollars)

Portuguese football has been consistent with talent production, but the country did not manage to get a big name out after Eusebio hung his boots. Everything changed when this youngster turned up at Sporting. He'd go on to become one of Portugal's successful exports, and he made a mark for himself in the Spanish top flight. He retired in 2009 after spending a considerable amount of time with Inter Milan. He has since tried to become the president of FIFA but quickly withdrew. He has also been involved with campaigns to promote better health and owns a bar in Portugal. His high profile playing career with top clubs in Europe meant he made good money playing football. His net worth is in the region of 50 million Euros as of now.

Current Job

What does Figo currently do?

Luis  Figo current job, the Portuguese  number 7 from Almada, Portugal
He has taken an advisory role with UEFA for now and helps promote its competitions across the world. He's also involved with Inter Milan in various roles. (Image:

Iconic Moments

Pigs Head
Luis  Figo most iconic moment, the Portuguese  number 7 from Almada, Portugal
This has to be the most controversial football transfer that our generation has seen. Never has a player been hated on so much for moving clubs. Florentino Perez ran for his first presidency with the promise of bringing this forward to the Bernabeu. And bring him he did. It was a very hostile transfer and the Catalan club, and its fans felt betrayed. It was a natural reaction, but they went overboard when he came back to the Nou Camp for the second time in 2002. He was constantly heckled, and at one point, had a pig's head thrown at him as he was about to take a corner. You can see it in the picture. It must have been a very traumatic experience for him. (Image:

Ballon D'Or 2000
Luis  Figo most iconic moment, the Portuguese  number 7 from Almada, Portugal
Real Madrid was struggling to make a mark on the world stage by the end of the 20th century. Everything changed with his transfer. The club's ambitions were made clear. They were going for glory. His performance in 1999-2000 was scintillating. He won it for his performances as a Barcelona player but was a Merengue by the time he received it. Although he traversed tumultuous times, this award came as a gentle hint and a piece of comfort for him when he needed it. It made sure that he was going to be focused on his game, and reminded everyone that his talent was unparalleled and something football needed most of all. (Image:

Love Life - Single, Girlfriend or Wife?

Luis Figo Wife - Helen Svedin
Picture of his Wife, who goes by the name Helen Svedin.
He scored big when he bagged Helen. We think that he needs to be given a lifetime achievement award for marrying this Swedish beauty. (Image:

Luis Figo Wife - Helen Svedin
Picture of his Wife, who goes by the name Helen Svedin.
The couple looks lovely together. This is a picture from when they were out and about. (Image:

Family - Get to know them

Figo Father - Ant贸nio Caeiro
Picture of Luis  Figo Father, called Ant贸nio Caeiro
Dad looks awkward posing in front of the camera. It could also be because his face is incredibly close to the excessive hair product that our footballer wears. (Image:

Figo Mother - Maria Joana Pestana Madeira
Picture of Luis  Figo Mother, called Maria Joana Pestana Madeira
His parents didn't decide to have another child after our footballer. They were pretty happy with what they had produced. The joy hasn't vanished to this day. (Image:

Figo Car - What does he drive?

Land Rover Range Rover
Picture of his Land Rover Range Rover   car
He is an executive. This person could easily pass off for a banker or a lawyer who drives a Range Rover to work. (Image:

VW Bus
Picture of his VW Bus   car
We hope he doesn't use this bus as a hotbox or something like that. It looks a bit dodgy. (Image:

Land Rover Range Rover
Picture of his Land Rover Range Rover   car
The Range Rover is a sophisticated option for anyone who is looking for a ride with excellent off-roading abilities as well. He is impeccably dressed as usual. (Image:

House - Where does he live?

Location: Madrid, Spain
House of the Portuguese  number 7, located in Madrid, Spain
He lives in Madrid now. We're not sure what he's doing with all of that paperwork. Does he have another professional career that we don't know about? (Image:

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