Alanzoka: Girlfriend, Family, Setup, Prize Money & Net Worth

Real NameAlan Ferreira Pereira
BirthdayMay 13th, 1990
Place of BirthSão Paulo, Brazil
ResidencySão Paulo, Brazil
ClanNextage (Former)
StudyAnhembi Morumbi University
Height1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Weight70 kg (155 lbs)
TattoosAlan doesn’t have any known tattoos.
Sister / BrotherUnknown.
Father & MotherTheir names are unknown.
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Net Worth (approx.)$6 Million
SponsorsGillette and ElGato gaming.


Alan Ferreira Pereira, aka alanzoka, is a Brazilian Twitch streamer who has amassed about 5.9 million followers on the platform. Born on the 13th of May 1990 in São Paulo, Brazil, this guy started playing video games when he was little. Considered to be Brazil’s top streamer on Twitch, this young man began playing Minecraft as a youngster before deciding to stream his content.

Why are you being miserable, lad? Did someone ask you to compete professionally? Again? – via Instagram

As someone whose native tongue is Portuguese, this young man took a very bold step when he decided to do streams. He hadn’t gauged anything about his audience, but he knew that he wanted to do it. Alan took that leap of faith and started posting his content on YouTube. He posted Minecraft videos but quickly moved to the horror genre. Alanzoka focused on Dead Space 2 and Amnesia, but that wasn’t the only thing he did either. He played a variety of games and was streaming everything he liked. Thankfully, his channel gained traction because there was a vibrant and thriving Portuguese-speaking community that was into games. He quickly became an undisputed champion in his genre. The man has been able to fend off most of his competition. However, we don’t know for how long though.

What is the Alanzoka Setup

Alan is most well-known for his gaming content, including playthroughs of various games. His newest YouTube channel has also attracted over 2.36 million subscribers. Take a look at the setup he has got himself.

Monitor: BenQ XL2430T
Keyboard: SteelSeries 6Gv2
Mouse: Logitech G403
Headset: SteelSeries Arctis 5
CPU: Intel Core i7 6700K
Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
Capture Card: AVerMedia ExtremeCap U3
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX

Alan has won several prizes for his contributions to the gaming community. He wouldn’t have been able to do any of that without the help of his system.

Alanzoka Girlfriend

Let’s imagine that you’re an upcoming person in your field of choice and that you had an opportunity to date the top dog in the business. Would you pass up that opportunity just because some random person on the internet would judge you? We don’t think so. Maethe agrees with us.

Maethe has managed to make his life colourful. Look, there’s a rainbow to prove it too. Btw, was she Maethe all along? Sorry, it was the rainbow that made us ask that. – via Instagram

Who is Alanzoka currently dating?

As a streamer, Alan has helped Maethe learn a lot of new things. She has helped him see the better things in life. This relationship is a win-win for both of them. We don’t think Alan would be looking to date anyone else for now.

Family: Parents, Siblings & Children

Alan’s parents were very strict when it came to allowing their son to play games. He was fighting a battle at home and took some time to convince his folks that streaming was a thing. He did win in the end, but they got what they wanted too. Alanzoka has never revealed their names, though. He doesn’t talk about his siblings, either. Alan’s relationship with Maethe hasn’t seen him become a dad just yet. We heard he is waiting to tie the knot before he has any.

Did you catch any rodents, people? We heard that there’s more than one over there. – via Instagram

Alanzoka Total Prize Money, Sponsors & Net Worth

Alan knew that he loved streaming. He has made it his primary source of income. Gastronomy has taken a backseat for now. This youngster’s net worth, thanks to his online activities, is about $6 million, give or take.

How much does Alanzoka earn per year?

Conservative estimates suggest that Alan could be making close to $20k a month from his streaming channels. However, we think that he could be making well over $30,000 every month. He’s sponsored by Gillette and ElGato gaming. The combination of all this allows him to make about $50k a month. That’s about $600,000 a year, approximately.

Our lad’s been watching one too many of those Fast and Furious movies. There are about 100 of those, yes? Sorry, we lost count about ten years back. – via Instagram

Unknown facts about Alanzoka

  • Did you know that his first Youtube channel was called EDGE? It stands for Electronic Desire Gamers Entertainment, and he started it in 2011.
  • Did you know that Alan went to university and graduated in gastronomy?
  • This young man even played Overwatch for a pro team called Nextage. However, he liked streaming a lot more than competing, so he quit.
  • Alan represented Brazil at the 2016 OverWatch World Championship.
  • Did you know that he ranks #22 in the list of most-followed Twitch channels? 

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