Tfue: Girlfriend, Family, Setup, Prize Money & Net Worth

Real NameTurner Tenney
BirthdayJanuary 2nd, 1998
Place of BirthIndian Rocks Beach, Florida, the USA
ResidencyNew Jersey, the USA
ClanFaZe Clan (Last known)
StudyHe was homeschooled.
Height1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)
Weight78 kg (172 lbs)
TattoosHe has tattoos on his left thigh.
Sister / BrotherHe has two brothers named Jack and Pierce. He also has a sister named Alexandra.
Father & MotherHis dad’s name is Richard. His mum’s name is unknown.
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Net Worth (approx.)$8 Million
GirlfriendKatie Dillenbeck


His fans consider him the best Fortnite player in the world. But Tfue is much more than that. Born on January 2nd, 1998, in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida, the USA, as Turner Tenney, this American is a professional twitch streamer who has been active on the platform for about eight years now. He started his journey on the streaming platform in 2014. As someone who has always liked first-person shooters, he naturally played Call of Duty and Destiny when he first started out. His passion for battle royale games is what got him into Fortnite.

Kids, the ultimate goal in life is to become rich. Not to look rich. You don’t need a $5000 shoe. Ever. – via Instagram

Little did he realise that it would send him to the heights of video game streaming. He was so good at what he did, and it led to tfue amassing a large following that enjoys watching his gaming sessions. To be precise, he has about 11 million followers there. As someone who is into Youtube too, this young man began uploading there in 2014. He uses it as his gaming channel as well as his vlog. This kid has achieved a lot in his streaming career, and his personality allows him to expand into other areas of entertainment too. Will he, though?

What is the Tfue Setup

Tfue has got a cool setup for his gaming needs. As PC lovers’ we’re impressed by what he’s got going for him. This is what it’s made of.

Monitor: Alienware AW2521H
Keyboard: Novelkeys NK65 Tfue Edition
Mouse: Finalmouse Legendary Diamond Edition Silver
Headset: Sennheiser HD 800 S
GPU: EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 FTW3
Motherboard: MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Carbon WiFi
RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 64GB 3466MHz

Please understand that he runs with a different spec for his streaming needs. We’re quite envious of this man. That’s not even a lie.

Tfue Girlfriend

Tfue was involved with a woman Corinna Kopf who happens to be a fellow streamer. However, things were never smooth between those two. After he had broken up with her, he met a woman named Katie Dillenbeck.

Katie, believe it or not, doesn’t have a stache. Your eyes are deceiving you. Don’t believe them. – via Instagram

Who is Tfue currently dating?

Katie was introduced as Tfue’s assistant in 2020. But we knew that she was going to be more than that. Our foretelling did come true. The young woman is the one he’s dating now. We heard that he’s happy with her too. So why break up something that’s going well?

Family: Parents, Siblings & Children

This Blonde haired man has his dad Richard to thank for his interest in gaming. Dad used to be a big gamer too, and he’s passed his interest on to his children too. Jack Tenney, his older brother, is a Youtube Star as well. Tfue also has a sister named Alexandra and a younger brother named Pierce Tenney. He was never married before and doesn’t have any kids. Sadly, there’s no info available about his mum.

Always look like you don’t know what you’re doing. People seem to buy it for some reason. – via Instagram

Tfue Total Prize Money, Sponsors & Net Worth

This streamer is a self-made man. Every single penny he’s ever made comes from his Twitch and Youtube channels. Our estimates suggest that he could be worth about $8 million as of writing.

How much does Tfue earn per year?

As someone who doesn’t work with any sponsors, this young man relies on subscriptions and ad revenue from his accounts to make his bread and butter. We reckon he could be making close to $2 million a year now from his endeavours.

We’ve got no words. Please accept our apologies. This man is a goner. – via Instagram

Unknown facts about Tfue

  • Did you know that the man from Florida dropped out of middle school? He went there for just a week before deciding it wasn’t for him. He was homeschooled instead.
  • Tfue was banned from Twitch for using a racial slur. This was way back in 2018.
  • Did you know that he was trading Epic Games accounts which led to him being banned by them?
  • Tfue is the holder of the Fortnite world record for most solo kills on PC. Did you know that about him?

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