Kadeisha Buchanan Biography: Boyfriend or Girlfriend, Family, Salary & Net Worth

BirthdayNovember 5th, 1995
Place of BirthToronto, Canada
Boyfriend / GirlfriendUnknown
StudyCriminology (West Virginia University)
Height1.70 m (5 ft 10 in)
Weight61 kg (134 lbs)
Sister / BrotherShe has 7 sisters and 4 brothers
Father & MotherHer father’s name is Howard Buchanan, and her mother’s name is Melsadie Buchanan
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Net Worth (approx.)$600,000


Kadeisha Buchanan is a Canadian soccer player playing for the Olympique Lyonnais and Canada women’s national soccer team. She has won the Canadian Player of the Year award three times, in 2015, 2017, and 2020. Kadeisha also received the 2015 FIFA Young Player Award. Over the years, she has played for Toronto Lady Lynx, Ottawa Fury Women, Vaughan Azzurri, and Olympique Lyonnais. Kadeisha co-captained the Mountaineers, a West Virginia University team, and won several accolades.

Kadeisha Buchanan Biography: Boyfriend, Family, Salary & Net Worth
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Kadeisha Buchanan Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

Kadeisha Buchanan does not have a boyfriend or girlfriend at present. Her entire focus is on her soccer career, due to which she does not have the time to engage in relationships. Even if she does fall in love in the future, Kadeisha will likely keep it a secret. Kadeisha is secretive about her dating life and anything else that is personal.

Who is Kadeisha Buchanan currently dating?

Kadeisha is not dating anyone and does not want to factor her love life into her media presence. She has also not spoken about any potential ex-boyfriends. Her limited media presence also allows her to live her life in peace without unwanted attention. She likes to live her life independently without being subject to any expectations. However, one cannot deny that Kadeisha has enamored several people with her soccer skills.

Family: Parents & Siblings

When it comes to Kadeisha, actions speak louder than words. She actively avoids the spotlight but rocks the field while playing soccer. Most people do not know a lot about her because she is secretive about her life. However, there is a lot to learn from this quiet player.

Kadeisha grew up in a loud, active household. She was the youngest among seven daughters, raised by her mother all alone. Her mother, Melsadie, is a Jamaican national that split from her husband. She did several jobs to raise her eleven children on her own. Her dedication to independence and hard work inspired Kadeisha to become successful. Kadeisha rarely speaks about her father, who was absent for most of her life. The only thing people know about her father is his name, Howard. He was also a Jamaican national from St. Thomas, while her mother was from Montego Bay.

According to Kadeisha, growing up as the youngest sibling shaped her into a quiet, reserved person. She always watched the behavior of her siblings to understand the best way to get through life. It made her observant and sharp, which in turn helped her improve her soccer skills. She always gauged what kind of behavior was allowed and excused in her home.

Kadeisha Buchanan Biography: Boyfriend, Family, Salary & Net Worth
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It was challenging for her mother to pay for the youth soccer each year. Their financial situation was so bad that they had trouble putting food on the table for everyone. Despite the struggles, her mother never discouraged Kadeisha from going after her dreams. She asked people and relatives to give Kadeisha a lift to her classes, borrowed money to pay fees, etc.

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Besides, the family grew up in the town of Brampton, a shady neighbourhood. They moved around a lot to make ends meet but always fostered a positive outlook on life. Kadeisha was the first person in her family to graduate from university. She says that she could have gotten sucked into bad situations. However, she always kept her head down and focused on her career, a mindset which ultimately brought her success.

Kadeisha Buchanan Salary & Net Worth

Kadeisha is a famous soccer player, but several soccer fans do not know about her. Over the years, she has accumulated an estimated net worth of $600,000. Her prominent source of income is her soccer career, but she has other ways of making money. She does a few sponsorships now and then, adding to her already hefty earnings.

How much does Kadeisha Buchanan earn?

Even though there is an estimate of her net worth, nobody knows her exact salary. She earns money from different sources. She does not talk about her salary before the media. However, her football club pays her a decent amount of money. Her net worth and salary will likely increase in the future, thanks to her hard work.

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