Ingrid Engen Biography: Boyfriend or Girlfriend, Family, Salary & Net Worth

BirthdayApril 29th, 1998
Place of BirthMelhus, Norway
ResidencyBarcelona, Spain
Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Marie Dølvik Markussen
Height1.77 m (5 ft 10 in)
Weight65 kg (143 lbs)
TattoosShe has a tiny tattoo on her wrist.
Sister / BrotherUnknown
Father & MotherØrjan Engen is her father. Ingrid’s mother’s name is unknown.
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorGreen
Net Worth (approx.)$350,000


A player who loves to have the ball, Ingrid Syrstad Engen, began her career as a youth player at Sør-Trøndelag based Melhus Idrettslag. Ingrid finished her youth career at Gimse and ended up at Trondheims-Ørn (Rosenborg BK Kvinner). She signed with them in 2014 and remained with the club until 2017. Ingrid played for LSK Kvinner FK in 2018 before signing with Wolfsburg the following year. Ingrid Engen returned to Kvinner on a loan spell, but she eventually found a place at the German club’s starting lineup and became a key member of the squad. However, in 2021, she sought a different challenge for herself and moved to FC Barcelona on a free transfer. Ingrid debuted for the Catalan side on September 25, 2021.

Ingrid Engen Wiki, Dating, Boyfriend, Family, Salary & Net Worth
Is she a model or a footballer? – via Instagram

Ingrid Engen Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Ms Engen is a lesbian footballer. This Norwegian girl decided to come out when she was a teenager. We know that she was in a relationship with Marie Dølvik Markussen, her Norwegian teammate. Marie was a local star who played for Stakkevollan’s boys’ team and made headlines. She trained with Tromsø’s 2nd division players at Alfheim Stadium when she was 15 years old. The best women’s clubs competed for her signature, and she was one of the top scorers on age-specific national teams.

Marie and Ingrid met whilst playing together at Wolfsburg. Although Marie Dølvik Markussen had to go back to Norway for personal reasons, the couple’s relationship was still going strong. However, we have reason to believe that Ingrid and Marie are no longer a couple. There hasn’t been any official confirmation yet.

Guess she’s a bit of both. – via Instagram

Who is Ingrid Engen currently dating?

Ingrid Engen is not dating anyone as of writing. After just having moved to Barcelona, she must be eager to please her bosses first before she can go out and find a partner for herself. This young lady hasn’t been engaged or married before.

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Family: Parents & Siblings

Ms Engen’s father, Ørjan Engen, is chairman of the board for Rosenborg’s women’s team. He has supported his daughter to the fullest and would like to see her reach the very top of the game. There is no information available about Ingrid Engen’s mum or her siblings.

This is Ingrid’s mum. Her name is unknown. – via Instagram

Ingrid Engen Salary & Net Worth

How much does Ingrid Engen earn?

As a player who is vital to any team’s midfield scheme, Ingrid Engen demands the goods when it comes to the business side of things. Ingrid’s professionalism has never been in question, and this young lady gives her all whenever she gets on the pitch.

Based on what we know from our sources, we estimate that Ingrid Engen makes about $180,000 a year from playing football. That works out to about $15,000 a month. In addition to this, Ingrid also models for various brands. She even has endorsement deals with Puma and that must get her a good amount of money each year. Combined with her salary, we think she takes over $300,000 a year as a pro athlete. Based on every bit of info we know about this woman’s career, we think that her net worth is about $350,000.

Ingrid was always destined to be in Barcelona. – via Instagram

Interesting facts about Ingrid Engen

  • Football is Ingrid’s great passion. She loves the game a lot because of the team spirit and the joy of performing well with teammates.
  • Ingrid Engen is a hard-working midfielder who likes to engage others well. She loves taking sucking returns, winning the ball and starting counterattacks.
  • Ingrid loves representing her country. She once said, “It is incredibly big to be ready for a world championship for Norway, and I look forward to having my greatest football experience so far in my career.”
  • Although she is Norwegian, this girl loves the beaches. She also likes taking ice baths and prefers Fanta to Coca Cola. If you’d like to party with her, you should head to Ibiza and not Mallorca. Do you want to?

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