Dominique Janssen Biography: Boyfriend or Girlfriend, Family, Salary & Net Worth

BirthdayJanuary 17th, 1995
Place of BirthHorst aan de Maas, Netherlands
Boyfriend / GirlfriendPatrick Platins
Height1.74 m (5 ft 9 in)
Weight65 kg (143 lbs)
Sister / BrotherShe has 1 Brother and 1 Sister
Father & MotherUnknown
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
Net Worth (approx.)$1 Million


Dominique Janssen is a celebrated Dutch footballer playing for the VfL Wolfsburg and the Netherlands women’s national football team. Her first club was RKSV Wittenhorst, where she played in the B-Youth team. In 2013, Dominique joined the German Bundesliga and played for SGS Essen. After spending two years with the team, she joined Arsenal in 2019. Dominique played for Arsenal till 2019, finally joining her current club, VfL Wolfsburg.

Dominique Janssen Biography: Boyfriend, Family, Salary & Net Worth
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Dominique Janssen Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Dominique Janssen has a boyfriend at present. The name of this lucky man is Patrick Platins, a Bavarian GK coach. However, she was married for a couple of years to another sportsperson. Her ex-husband is Brandon Bloodworth, whom she married in 2018. She often spoke about her husband to the media, adjusted to his lifestyle and took his last name. The couple split in 2020, and Dominique began using her maiden name again. They never revealed the reason behind their divorce.

Dominique Janssen Biography: Boyfriend, Family, Salary & Net Worth
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Who is Dominique Janssen currently dating?

Dominique Janssen began dating Patrick Platins following her divorce. She has had an outgoing attitude and was outspoken about her love life in the past. Thanks to her cheerful personality, Dominique met Patrick sometime after her divorce and fell in love. She has posted a picture of her and Patrick here. Moreover, Patrick is also not shy when it comes to expressing love to Dominique over social media.

Family: Parents & Siblings

Dominique was born in a city in the Netherlands. Her mother raised her to be a compassionate, hardworking individual. Dominique grew up alongside a brother and a sister, who supported her in every way possible. Dominique spent her childhood in an environment full of love from her family members.

As a child, Dominique displayed a talent for sports. She was outgoing, athletic and always willing to compete. However, the person that sparked her love for football was her brother. She saw him play the game and decided to join him. Little did she know that she would eventually make a career as a football player.

Dominique Janssen Biography: Boyfriend, Family, Salary & Net Worth
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Her brother was not her only inspiration for football. She loved the sport and played with boys in her country till she turned eighteen. There were barely any girls that would play football for fun, due to which she had to be the only girl among boys. However, playing with boys was never a problem for Dominique as she was among the best players in the team.

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She grew up loving music and carried it with her into her career. She likes listening to hip-hop or R&B when she craves some fast, upbeat music. However, the artist, Sade, is close to her heart. She says that Sade was an artist from when her parents were together. She did not reveal when her parents got divorced, but it must have been early. It is because she never mentions her father in any social media posts.

Her ex-husband also introduced her to some American music during their relationship. Thanks to her marriage, she started listening to slow R&B. Dominique also grew up with a flair for languages and still would like to learn more. She can speak Dutch, German and English fluently, and she has expressed interest in learning Spanish.

Dominique Janssen Salary & Net Worth

The net worth of Dominique Janssen is $1 Million, thanks to her move to VfL Wolfsburg from Arsenal. The transfer proved to be effective in making her rich. During her time in Arsenal, Dominique and other players were not getting paid enough to live. As a result, they attended school and worked while playing for the club. It was a semi-professional environment that Dominique did not like.

Dominique Janssen Biography: Boyfriend, Family, Salary & Net Worth
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How much does Dominique Janssen earn?

Dominique has not revealed her salary breakdown yet, but it is likely the most she has ever made. She is an excellent player, so her performance allows her to make a lot of money. Besides, she has several endorsements like PUMA and Nike, which add to her earnings. Moreover, Dominique has made it big in the business of health and nutrition. She is behind the brand Herbalife24, a nutritional product that makes it easy to lose weight and gain muscles.

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