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Who Is Xisca Perello? Meet The Teenage Flame Of Rafael Nadal – Maria Perello!

Xisca Quick Facts & Wiki

BirthdayJuly 7th, 1988
Place of BirthManacor, Spain
BoyfriendRafael Nadal
JobProject Director of Strategy and Relations (Rafa Nadal Foundation)
Height1.77m (5 ft 10 in)
Weight60 kg (132 lbs)
Sister / BrotherN.A.
Father & MotherHer father is Bernat Perelló and her mother’s name is María Pascual.
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown
Net Worth (approx.)$500,000

Xisca Biography

Rafael Nadal is a famous name in the tennis world, competing with players like Roger Federer. The tennis star has always focused on his career ever since he came into the limelight. He never felt the need to chase girls around or act like a player, perhaps because he already was in love the whole time. Throughout his tennis career, Rafael was dating one girl, and this article is about her. Despite his efforts to keep his relationship hidden, people now know about his wife – Maria Perello, affectionately called Xisca.

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Maria sports curly brunette hair that ends below her shoulders. She is sometimes seen in stadiums cheering her husband, but not often. Her style is simple, but she is an absolute showstopper wherever she goes. Maria is a highly educated woman that has known Rafael for more than a decade. The beautiful Spaniard has worked in London independently before returning to Spain to contribute to a charity.

The stunning brunette was born on 7th July 1988 in the lovely town, Manacor. Her parents, Bernat Perelló and María Pascual held jobs throughout Maria’s childhood, thus making her fiercely independent. Her sun sign Cancer suggests that she has a goal-oriented, headstrong personality. Aside from their names, Maria has not revealed anything about her parents. She also does not know how and why people began calling her Xisca. Maria mentioned that nobody back home called her by that name, but she appreciated the affection nonetheless.

She Has Stood By Rafael For Over A Decade

Maria went to school with Nadal’s sister, Maribel, who later introduced her to her brother. Back then, Maria was 17, and Rafael was 19. It did not take long for them to develop a strong bond, and soon Maria and Rafael were inseparable. Rafael kept the relationship hidden for a long time until the media pictured them together in 2008, hanging out in their hometown. More than a decade after they began dating, the couple got engaged on a trip to Rome in 2018. They choose to keep their union a secret.

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Maria married her beau in a lavish ceremony at La Fortaleza, with celebrities like the former King of Spain, Juan Carlos I. Ever since Maria has made more media appearances. However, she still does not like to be in the limelight because Maria does not want a life full of fame. Maria stays on the sidelines cheering Rafael as he plays tennis but sometimes refrains from it. She holds back because her cheering might distract Rafael while playing. Sometimes, she does not accompany Rafael on his tours, saying they both need to give each other space.

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She Works Despite Having All The Luxury

Her higher education happened at the University of the Balearic in Palma, where she earned a business degree. The gorgeous Spaniard began her career as a sports marketer in London but switched it after meeting Nadal. After their relationship strengthened, she joined the Rafa Nadal Foundation, working as the Project Director of Strategy and Relations with several institutions. She is an integral part of the organization and Rafael’s family.

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No Time For Self Publicity

Maria does not depend on Rafael or his fame to get ahead in life. She gives him the love, respect, and space to excel in his career while focusing on her life. As a significant member of the Rafa Nadal Foundation, Maria has a lot of work. She hardly has the time to engage in social media or other leisurely activities. Aside from her busy schedule, Maria does not like the idea of displaying her life to millions of people. She keeps her life private, just like her work. Despite the lack of social media, Maria has tons of fans, but not because of Rafael. People love Maria for her sheer independence from Rafael’s fame.

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Maria and Rafael are the perfect partners for each other because they know each other since childhood. Although his sister formally introduced them in his late teens, Rafael probably knew about Maria long before that. This lovely couple will likely stay together forever because they have figured out a formula that works best for their relationship. Maria and Rafael’s relationship shows that you don’t need to follow your partner everywhere to make the relationship work.

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