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Who Is Urška Žigart? Meet The Young Cyclist That Is The Pride Of Slovenia And Tadej Pogačar!

Urška Žigart Quick Facts & Wiki

BirthdayDecember 4th, 1996
Place of BirthBistrica, Slovenska
BoyfriendTadej Pogačar
Height1.60 m (5 ft 3 in)
Weight50 kg (110 lbs)
Sister / BrotherN.A.
Father & MotherN.A.
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Net Worth (approx.)N.A.

Urška Žigart Biography

Tadej Pogačar displays an outstanding ability to stay poised during extreme cycling races. He started cycling when he was nine, so it is easy for him to win races. He is the pride of Slovenia when it comes to cycling and sports. Tadej is one lucky man because his fiance is the beautiful Urška Žigart. The coincidence is that Urška is also a professional cyclist that has made Slovenia proud. Let us get to know more about this gorgeous sportswoman making a name for herself in her country.

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Urška and Tadej got engaged in September 2021, but fans knew about their relationship long before this engagement. She met Tadej in 2019 when he was racing for Rog-Ljubljana, and hit it off instantly. The chemistry between them was unmistakable, and their love for cycling only brought them closer over time. Their dating life is uncomplicated because they have similar interests and hobbies.

Her Cycling Career Required A Lot Of Effort

According to the 24-year-old Urška, Tadej is a much better cyclist than her due to his experience. He is several years older than Urška and began his cycling career at a younger age than her. Besides, most cycling champions are well over 30, whereas Urška is only 24 years old. She also reckons that Slovenia did not have many opportunities for women cyclists during her time, so she has struggled to get into the field. In Slovenia, she had to compete against the boys to earn her place to represent her country at an international level. Despite all the hardships and obstacles in her way, Urška became the most celebrated female cyclist in Slovenia. When she won her first race, Tadej bombarded her with congratulatory texts because he had seen her efforts.

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She Has A Different Approach Towards Cycling Competitions

Urška says that her style of racing is different from Tadej’s when it comes to emotions. When a race gets competitive, Tadej stays composed and assured about winning the race, never showing any signs of discomfort no matter how bad it gets. On the contrary, Urška gets agitated in an aggressive atmosphere, but her emotional vulnerability enables this Slovenian star to perform better and win. She reckons that this difference in temperaments is due to their differences in exposure. Urška only began her cycling career at the age of 18, and she is already among the best cyclists of Slovenia! She is learning to stay calm under pressure but still has a long way to go compared to Tadej. Hopefully, Tadej will help her gain more confidence as she advances in her career.

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She Wants To Finish Her Education

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Well, as far as cycling is concerned, every Slovenian knows that Urška is on the path of glory because she has already proved it. However, cycling is not the only thing Urška does in life because she is also a law student. Her sporting career causes difficulties to manage studies, but she has not given up on her education. By any means, Urška wants to finish her law education while representing Slovenia in the cycling world.

She Is One Fierce Woman

Her determination to make it big in all areas of life indicates that Urška is insanely ambitious. She does not back down in the face of difficulties and keeps moving forward. Her ability to work hard and thrive in uncertain circumstances attracted Tadej to her. They both are happy-go-lucky individuals who work hard towards their goals. Tadej and Urška live their life one day at a time and offer full support to each other. If this Slovenian couple decides to have children, it is game over for the future cyclists of the world!

Rest assured, Urška has found her Mr. Perfect in Tadej, and she is never letting him go. It is inspirational that she can handle her relationship and a cycling career without feeling exhausted! It is rare to see a real-life power couple in the sporting world, but Tadej and Urška are prime examples of one. Hopefully, Urška will maintain her position as one of the best cyclists in Slovenia for several years. Maybe, she will also spill some more information about her relationship with Tadej and her lifestyle.

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