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Who Is Stacey Harris? Meet The Gorgeous, Kind-hearted Wife Of Jacob DeGrom!

Stacey Harris Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthLake Helen, Florida
ResidencyUpper East Side, New York City
BoyfriendJacob DeGrom
JobMedical Professional
Sister / BrotherAmanda Harris
Father & MotherHer father’s name is Thomas Harris, and her mother’s name is Nina Harris
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown
Net Worth (approx.)N.A.

Stacey Harris Biography

Baseball players are the most famous people in America. Americans have a never-ending love affair with sports, and baseball is a typical American game. Jacob DeGrom is a celebrated baseball player known for his level-headed nature. He always keeps his calm, even when things are not going well in the game. Most baseball fans know everything about his achievements and game strategies. However, they do not know about his wife, Stacey Harris. Stacey has been married to Jacob for a long time, but fans are oblivious to her. This article will tell you all the available information about Stacey Harris, the beautiful WAG of Jacob DeGrom.


She Is All Kinds Of Gorgeous

Stacey Harris is a gorgeous woman, and people can see that at first glance. She has luminous blonde hair and brown eyes. Stacey likes to keep her hair at shoulder length and prefers not to tie it. She styles her hair in free-flowing tresses. Stacey does not like putting on heavy makeup. Whenever people have seen her, they appreciate her natural beauty. Her blonde hair and cute smile make her look like the most beautiful woman on earth. Women with natural beauty are rare in the world. She has also maintained her body through fitness regimes and diet.

Fashion Is Good, Only In Limits

Stacey is a fashion lover. It is unsurprising because she grew up in New York. It is the fashion and glamour capital of America. She grew up wearing expensive fashion brands. Stacey understands style inside-out as she has grown up with it. However, Stacey does not like extravagant clothes because she is a minimalist. She likes to look elegant without standing out in a crowd. Her fashion and jewelry sense is charming and subtle. Stacey is a true New Yorker regarding her love for fashion. She looks young to be a mother of two children.


Stacey Loves Her Life Without Strangers

Many people assume that Stacey does not have an Instagram account. However, Stacey has a private Instagram handle where she interacts with close friends and family. She does not like to involve strangers in her life. Stacey is not a fan of having her pictures posted on different online sources. Her husband respects her wish of not appearing on social media. He never posts a photo of her or the kids on his Instagram account. It seems like he does not follow her on Instagram to protect her privacy.


Her Husband Is Full Of Praises For Her

Stacey has never spoken to the media about her relationship with Jacob. However, Jacob is all about grand gestures, and he has praised her several times. According to the baseball player, Stacey and he met during a rodeo and have not left each other’s side ever since. They fell in love at first sight, and it did not surprise anyone. Jacob and Stacey and both good-looking people, due to which it was easy for them to feel attraction for each other. However, Jacob fell in love with her due to her easy-going and chilled-out attitude. She loves her husband and supports him in every aspect. Stacey and Jacob love their children immensely and provide them with a luxurious lifestyle.

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Her Personality Matches That Of Jacob’s

Stacey has a calm and collected demeanor like Jacob. She does not like to take everything seriously. Stacey is a kind-hearted person who loves to stay with her family. Her priority is looking after her family and staying away from drama. Stacey and Jacob have never been a part of any controversy. It is rare to see such an unproblematic couple in the baseball world. They love and support each other through all adversities.

She Has Two Children

Jacob and Stacey have two children, Jaxon and Aniston. People say that Stacey was a medical professional before becoming a housewife. However, her current job status remains a secret. She might still be working as a medical professional and earning a lot of money. However, her net worth remains unknown because of her reserved behavior.

Jacob and Stacey are a cute couple in the baseball community. One can assume that this lovely couple will stay together forever.

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