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Who Is Sonya Wilander? Meet The Beautiful Wife Of Mats Wilander!

Sonya Wilander Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthZambia, South Africa
BoyfriendMats Wilander
Height1.75 m (5 ft 10 in)
Sister / BrotherMoyra Mulholland
Father & MotherDanny & Cora
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorGreen
Net Worth (approx.)N.A.

Sonya Wilander Biography

Sonya Wilander was born in Zambia while raised in a coastal city. Durban city of South Africa is where she lived her adulthood. She was married to Mats Wilander in 1987. This 58-year-old lady is kind and always open to charity. She helps others to fight addiction to abused substances. This beauty works in a charitable organization named Men’s Second Chance Living in Hailey. This organization runs various campaigns to spread awareness about drug abuse and how to fight it. It also provides a safe environment to recover from drug abuse.

She is the wife of Mats Wilander, a Swedish tennis player with a net worth of $16 million. Karl, Erik, Emma, and Oskar are their four children. One of their children suffers from epidermolysis bullosa, a disease that develops from Idaho’s cool and dry air. But the couple is taking care of the child tirelessly. They have also raised funds for research to find the cure for the epidermolysis bullosa.

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She Was A Beautiful Model

Though her childhood was adventurous and happy, she decided to make modeling a career for the rest of her life. From surfing at the beach with friends to hunting expeditions with her father, the model always went for adventurous activities without any fear. Later at the age of 18, Sonya started her journey from Durban to New York to become a high-end fashion model.

Her level-headedness made her navigate the fashion industry. She went on editorial shoots and frequently traveled across the world for modeling. With her jam-packed schedule, the woman still enjoyed her reputation and popularity. Moreover, during her career, she met Mats Wilander, the Swedish tennis player who works as a commentator now.

Mats and Sonya fell in love and got married. Now they live in Hailey, Idaho, with their four children. They also opened Gravity Fitness and Tennis in Hailey, Idaho. Further, the pair involved themselves with the Blaine County School District. They joined a group of parents and teachers with whom they could try to open a home for runaway teens.

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She Is A Kind-Hearted Woman

Sonya Wilander is a philanthropist, and she has the skills to help create a better world. Not only money, but she also donates her time to charitable causes. Moreover, this model is friendly and willing to see the positive qualities in others. Her charitable acts made her more popular.

She has a desire to work for significant social causes. The model is volunteering in some of the charity campaigns of organizations so that she can help needy people in every way.

She Is Currently Working In A Charitable Organization

She is currently working in an organization that helps people fight against drug addiction. Moreover, she became a coordinator at the Drug Court. It is a program designed through which people can seek out housing, recovery, and treatment. This beautiful model started working as a coordinator in 2013.

She has a passion for this field. She believes men with drug abuse should live within the community after recovery. Unfortunately, she got backlash from some people who think that drug addicts are criminals. But she didn’t get affected by this and thereby started building more residents to provide rehab facilities. The residents pay a certain rent once they become a good fit for the program.

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She Believes Racial Discrimination Is An Injustice To Other People

She is a lovely woman who has been always thoughtful to others. In her childhood, she got a front-row seat during the country’s apartheid era. This is because of racial discrimination. The black South Africans suffered hard times when the country was in the hands of the white minority population.

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Due to this, Sonya Wilander was traumatized as a child, and she felt it wasn’t justice. Even the school system of the country favored only white people. Since then she’s been upfront against such discrimination.

She has been a generous and courteous person who gives freely without expecting anything.

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