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Who Is Sandra Jerze? Know Everything About Serge Gnabry’s Gorgeous Girlfriend

Sandra Jerze Quick Facts & Wiki

BirthdayDecember 9th, 1997
Place of BirthZurich, Switzerland
NationalitySwiss / Ethiopian
BoyfriendSerge Gnabry
Height1.74 m (5 ft 8.5 in)
Weight53 kg (117 lbs)
TattoosSandra has tattoos on the posterior side of both her upper arms. She also has a flower gun inked on her rib cage. There’s ink on one of her middle fingers and also her forearm.
SmokingNo, never
Sister / BrotherUnknown
Father & MotherUnknown
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorGreen
Net Worth (approx.)$100,000

Sandra Jerze Biography

Serge Gnabry’s recent love interest had captured the interest of many! If you are one of the curious ones, too, then read on because we are revealing everything there is to know about the mystery woman. Serge David Gnabry is a talented athlete and is also known as a fashion icon as his outfits are always eye-catching! If you are unaware, he is a footballer of German descent and plays for the national team of Germany and German club Bayern Munich. Born on July 14, 1995, the player is said to be involved with a top Swiss model Sandra Jerze. Read on to know more about the stunner!

Some basic facts about the model 

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Sandra Kaminska Jerze was born on December 9, 1997, and is said to belong from Zurich, Switzerland. She prefers staying vegetarian, and her nationality is Swiss and is of Ethiopian descent. You can check her profile out on Instagram @jerze.

Making money moves

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Sandra Jerze’s Instagram feed is a testament to the fact that the model is clearly going places. With the right features, including a sharp jawline, plump lips, almond eyes, and glass skin, she has the perfect combination needed to make it big in modeling. The beauty is an aspiring model and is already associated with a big media agency. Sandra is represented by brandmgmt and kultmodels. With her 5’8″ height, the leggy lass manages to pull off an outfit that she dons! Till now, she is best known for appearing in Phenomenal, a music video for Pietro Lombardi, a German artist.

Cozying it up across the globe

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They are known to be quite attached to each other but keeps away from the prying eyes of the media, and the couple is rarely ever spotted out in the open. However, our sources do report that the pair holidayed together in Munich and spent the Easter weekend together. Although, much to our dismay and their supporters’, there were no pictures! The duo was also spotted chilling in Greece on another vacation. Even though they are said to be in the early stages of the relationship, we cannot help but get our hopes high for a happy ending.

Giving back to the society

Sandra’s partner Serge Gnabry is known to have a big heart and is very down-to-earth. He is frequently seen partaking in humanitarian activities as he feels deeply about the less fortunate people in the society. The player has even pledged one percent of income to StreetFootballWorld, a collective fund and a non-governmental organization that is dedicated to fighting social challenges faced by humans. We can only imagine how supportive Jerze is for the footballer to have all the motivation in the world for such a selfless cause!

Trouble in paradise?

Fans have been worried that lately, things between Sandra Kaminska Jerze and Serge Gnabry have not been going well due to the devastating news surrounding the rumor mills. A little sleuthing has revealed that the Swiss model has unfollowed the German athlete from all social media profiles. It is also being noted that Serge has deleted any connection, comment, or picture that could establish that he ever had a relationship with Jerge – his entire profile has been scrubbed clean.

While there have not been any official statements from both the parties involved, the unfollowing of each other on social media is indeed considered as close to a breakup in this day and age. The episode is said to have occurred after a turbulent incident at Serge’s villa in Munich-Harlaching.

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Reportedly, the model told the player that she was pregnant, and he did not handle the news all too well. The situation soon escalated, which resulted in the police being called. Since the matter is being investigated, finer details have not come to light about what exactly went down that caused such a tiff between the attractive pair. However, a police spokesperson did reveal that there is an ongoing operation at Munich-Harlaching.

While this is all very devastating for the couple, we hope that they are able to mend ways and sort things out. From the pictures alone, it is not hard to tell that they were close and enjoyed each other’s company.


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