Who is Rheannon Guy? Unknown facts about Juju Smith-Schuster’s girlfriend

When a celebrity or an athlete tries to be private with their relationship, we tend to poke around and be nosy with them. Psychologists might have a definition for that, but we’ll ignore those pesky creatures for now and just carry on with what we’re doing. The person of interest for this post happens to be Rheannon Guy, the lovely girlfriend of Steelers wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster. Read along to know more about this young lady.

She looks good in that dress. Don’t tell us that this woman won’t make it as a model. – via Instagram

Biography of a pretty white woman

A 2k kid, Rheannon Guy, was born in the late 1990s in the USA. This woman’s ethnicity is white. Although this woman has European ancestry, she’s an American in her heart. She has completed her high school education, but her academic pursuits and other details about her family and siblings is unknown information.

The sun don’t kill this white lady. She lucky. – via Instagram

Rheannon Guy and Juju Smith-Schuster – When did they begin dating?

Rheannon’s relationship with the Steelers footballer is a budding one. Leaked pictures on Instagram showed Rheannon and Juju spending quality time with each other in June 2021. However, this girl has not mentioned her boyfriend anywhere on social media.

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It could be because she hasn’t labelled her relationship yet. If it wasn’t for us, you wouldn’t even know that she was the one who was dating Juju. 

Rheannon Guy and Juju Smith-Schuster – Are they married? What about kids?

Rheannon isn’t the type of girl who’d go on a trip to Vegas, get drunk, and just marry some random bloke in the spur of the moment. She’s just getting to know the football player and is quite fond of him. The next thing on her agenda is going public with the relationship if Juju is into her, as well. This will be a decision that’ll involve both her and her lover. Marriage will come much later, and so will the kids.

Take a seat, folks. She has a long way to go before committing. – via Instagram

Rheannon Guy’s interests. – What does she like to do?

A pesky being, thanks to her privacy concerns, this young woman happens to like being in front of the camera. She is an aspiring model, but we’re not sure how she’s going to survive in a field that’s all about being an extrovert and just the opposite of who she has been so far. We’ve also learnt that Rheannon Guy is a fitness enthusiast. She works out regularly and maintains to stay in top shape throughout the year.

We want more Rheannon. Pretty please. – via Instagram

Who is this woman in real life?

Judging by what we know so far, we know that Rheannon isn’t afraid to expose herself or put her life out for everyone to see. She’s just taking a cautious approach. If she’s to succeed as a model, Ms Guy is going to have to shed her doubts about becoming a public figure and just go for it. Time is of the essence here, and she has to choose between what she loves and her values. Rather quickly.

Pretty in pink? – via Instagram

Rheannon Guy’s personality traits

A humble and saintly person, Rheannon Guy, is a genuine character. She wouldn’t be dating a high profile football player if she was anything but. This woman knows how to hold a conversation and is a refreshing addition to the WAG sphere. Rheannon isn’t afraid to stimulate and influence people. In an unfortunate circumstance where she decides that modelling isn’t for her, Ms Guy has all the necessary qualities to become an influencer or a lifestyle coach. What’s it going to be, Rheannon?

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