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Who is Nessa Diab? Unknown facts about Colin Kapernick’s girlfriend

This woman made a name for herself on American radio and television. However, the one thing that catapulted her to international fame is her activism. A staunch believer in equality and rights for all, Nessa Diab is the beautiful girlfriend of none other than former NFL superstar quarterback Colin Kapernick. Join us as we do a deep dive into Nessa’s life and reveal some unknown details about her.

Activists have to be fearless. Dressed up like that in public requires a lot of courage too. – via Instagram

Biography of an activist

Nessa Diab was born on May 6, 1981, in Southern California, the United States. Her dad is from Egypt, whilst her mum is Middle-Eastern. Nessa has two brothers and spent a lot of time in Saudi Arabia as a youth due to her father’s work commitments. She returned to the USA and enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley, where she pursued a BA degree in mass communication. She completed the course when she was twenty and began focusing on her career.

Now we want to be activists too. That’s where all the pretty women are at these days. – via Instagram

Nessa Diab’s work-life

Nessa, who had an interest in remixing songs, had one of her remixes play on the radio before she even entered the industry. It was called Rydaz and was a remix of the Destiny Child song Soldier. This beautiful lady’s career in media began when she got a chance to work on San Francisco’s Wild 94.4. Her next opportunity came from MTV’s Girl CodeM. Nessa caught the attention of the bigwigs, thanks to her charisma and innate talent to keep everyone entertained. The idea of hosting New York city’s Hot97 appealed to Nessa, and she didn’t think twice to accept that job. She now has her own show with them called Nessa on Air. This lady has managed to turn it into the number one hip-hop show in the afternoons. It is listened to by 18-34 year-olds in 15 markets across the country.

It’s a shame that the radio can’t show us pictures. Wait, that’s a TV, yeah? – via Instagram

Nessa Diab and Colin Kapernick – When did they begin dating?

Nessa and Colin began dating in July 2015. Hints revealed that they were seeing each other. However, the two of them didn’t confirm their relationship until February 2016. Colin was making a stand against inequality and was doing some pretty big activism at the time, as was Nessa. Also, the two of them were facing a lot of criticism and decided to wait for the right time before officially announcing their relationship.

Nessa has a wild obsession with Mariah. – via Instagram

Nessa and Colin – Are they married? How many kids do they have?

Whilst Nessa’s career has remained unaffected, the same can’t be said about Colin’s. He was banished from the NFL and faced severe backlash for his views. His woman, Nessa Diab, has stood by his side through it all. Sadly, all the toll that they had to bear meant that these lovebirds couldn’t find the time to get married. They’ve decided not to have any kids out of marriage either because both their faith prohibit relationships and children before being lawfully wedded.

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She knows her rights. That she does. – via Instagram

What prompted Nessa to become a social activist?

Nessa Diab grew up in Saudi Arabia during the height of the Gulf war. She once recollected memories of herself going to school wearing gas masks, waking up to the sound of sirens, and just being afraid throughout her childhood. Her traumatic youth could be the reason behind everything she does today. When this young lady moved back to the States, she was happy. But, things were equally bad, in other ways, across the pond. She was, and still is, motivated to try and make the place better for herself and everyone just like her. Nessa Diab, to this day, knows what it feels like to be an outsider, to not be accepted despite being from the same place as her peers. It is what drives her.

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