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Who Is Michelle Cound? Meet The Feisty, Outspoken Wife Of Chris Froome!

Michelle Cound Quick Facts & Wiki

BirthdayJune 24th, 1993
Place of BirthCopenhagen, Denmark
ResidencyMadrid, Spain
BoyfriendMartin Ødegaard
Height1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Weight69 kg (154 lbs)
TattoosOda currently has no tattoos
SmokingNo, never
Sister / BrotherUnknown
Father & MotherUnknown
Hair ColorBrunette
Eye ColorBlue / Gray
Net Worth (approx.)$30,000

Michelle Cound Biography

Chris Froome is a cyclist dedicated to his career and family. You heard it right – Chris Froome is a family man, unlike several sportspeople who prioritize their career over family members. Chris Froome has a good reason to want to spend time at home because he has a beautiful, loving wife waiting for him. The name of this pretty WAG is Michelle Cound, and she is quite a spectacular person. Let us try to understand Michelle Cound better because people do not know much about her.

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She Loves Sports And Cycling

Michelle is the driving force behind Chris Froome’s success as a cyclist and his social media presence. Michelle was born in the Welsh town of Neath but did not stay there for a long time. When she was five years old, her parents moved to South Africa, where Michelle grew up to become a sports photographer. Her career was booming in South Africa, and one day she met Daryl Impey, a South African cyclist in 2009. Through Daryl, Michelle saw her now-husband Chris Froome, and they hit it off instantly. After she dated the Kenya-born cyclist, Michelle rose to fame in the sporting world as a WAG.

She Is Not Your Ordinary WAG

However, Michelle is a lot more than the partner of Chris Froome. People often mistake her to be an ordinary woman who got lucky, but they do not know that Michelle works hard for herself. Despite having all the wealth from her husband, Michelle still insists on holding down a job. She is not the type of person to sit at home waiting for a man.

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Their Lovestory Is Like A Modern Day Fairytale

Β Michelle and Chris dated for four beautiful years, and then Chris popped the question abruptly while having breakfast in bed. Chris was the one who made breakfast that day, and according to Michelle, it was unusual for him. Michelle immediately said yes to his proposal, and they went cycling after that, going about their day the usual way. The couple was on vacation in Italy, and there could not be a better time than that to propose.

A year went by, and Michelle married her sweetheart fiance in 2014 in a lavish ceremony. Chris was overjoyed during that day because he got to tie the knot with the one love of his life. Michelle and Chris are different from other couples because they never fight. They are a match made in heaven, and their opinions match each other. A year into their beautiful marriage, Michelle gave birth to their son Kellan. Later, the couple had a girl and named her Katie. Now Michelle and Chris live a regular, peaceful life with their two lovely children.

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She Will Always Speak Her Mind

Β Michelle is an outspoken woman, but the world does not seem to like it. She speaks her mind all the time, offending a few people, but Michelle does not care. For her, it is crucial to express her opinions, no matter how controversial they sound. Michelle has got into virtual spats with people before, which has caused her to go off social media. She used to be active on Twitter, but now she has abandoned social media altogether. Michelle got into an argument with another WAG over something that happened during a cycling race. They had a long back and forth, and Michelle never backed down.

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Chris And Michelle Have Hit The Love Jackpot

Due to her outgoing attitude, people know Michelle to be a fiery person. She frequently stands up for her husband and acts as his pillar support. Michelle raises her children with pride but does not like to appear before the media anymore. With Michelle by his side, her family will never have to worry about anyone abusing them.

Michelle and Chris have different personalities, but they get along so well. They are opposites, but they make their relationship work against all odds. Michelle and Chris will stay together for the rest of their lives and become more successful in their careers. They are both lucky to have found each other because such love stories are hard to find. Hopefully, Michelle will come back to social media and share glimpses of her life with her fans.

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