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Who is Maria Júlia Mazalli? Details about Vinícius Júnior’s girlfriend

Maria Júlia Mazalli Quick Facts & Wiki

BirthdayOctober 30th, 1995
Place of BirthBrazil
ResidencySão Paulo, Brazil
BoyfriendVinicius Junior
Height1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Weight55 kg (121 lbs)
TattoosMaria has multiple tattoos on her right arm and her left leg. She also has a barely visible tattoo on her neck.
SmokingNo, never
Sister / BrotherMaria has a sister and a brother. They’re younger siblings. However, their names are unknown.
Father & MotherUnknown
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Net Worth (approx.)$250,000

Maria Júlia Mazalli Biography

Biography of a Brazilian Babe

Born in Brazil on the 30th of October, 1995, Maria Júlia Mazalli happens to be the girlfriend of Real Madrid winger Vinícius Júnior. We’re going to share more information about this lovely Brazilian girl in this post. Do read on.

Now, this is a babe. – via Instagram

How and when did they meet?

It was early in 2019 when Brazilian newspaper Lance had reported about her relationship with the footballer. He had denied rumors about dating just months earlier. However, selfies that these two posted, apparently from the same bathroom in Madrid, verified Lance’s claims. 

What is Maju famous for?

Maria first gained popularity when she appeared in a Brazilian reality show called On vacation with the ex (De férias com o ex.) She has also made herself quite popular on Instagram. She was famous even before she met the footballer. This influencer continues to enchant her fans with steamy photos of herself in lingerie. The young woman also vlogs and used to post content regularly on youtube. She is less active on that platform as of now.

Following her on social media will brighten your day. – via Instagram

What do we know about her family?

Maju Mazalli has two siblings- a sister and a brother. She also has a dad to whom she is attached to. There is not a lot known about her mother, though. Her family lives in Brazil, and she enjoys spending time with them.

Brazilians are known for being close with their families. – via Instagram

Maria Júlia promotes a body-positive image

This young girl is all about the curves. She enjoys her body to the fullest and is proud of it. Ms. Mazalli doesn’t adhere to the western standards of beauty and promotes a lifestyle that is both sustainable and can be easily achieved by any woman if they put a little bit of effort in. She is conscious of what she eats and spends time working out too. 

Maju loves to travel a lot

She does it not only for work but also as a leisure activity. Traveling helps this young lady unwind from her daily grind and also encourages her to study various cultures from up close. It is one of the reasons that she acts as maturely as she does. Traveling opened up her world to numerous scenarios, and as a woman who has tackled every single one of them alone, she now has the confidence to overcome the world if she has to.

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Maria is the artsy type

The Brazilian is fond of arts and likes to express herself through them. She has quite a few tattoos on her body and can be seen flaunting them even. Her zodiac sign (inked on her ribs) and the name of her sister tattooed on her wrist stand out among all. Maju is also fond of jewelry but doesn’t like to go overboard with it.

Embrace your body – That’s her message. – via Instagram

What does Ms. Majalli’s personality tell us about her?

This young girl is the secretive type. That’s why despite knowing about her relationship, we couldn’t gather a lot of intel about her time with Vini. She knows that a little bit of mystery is all that’s needed to keep things spiced up in life. Being a Brazilian, she is also naturally passionate and cheerful in life. Maria is dedicated to her work and hates it when she isn’t productive. A fan of the sun and its warmth, she loves it when you’re honest and upfront with her.

At least Viní can score off the pitch. We’re glad for him. – via Instagram

An honest and reliable person, Maria Júlia is a sensible girl but is also very gentle. She needs to be handled with care, otherwise, things will get cumbersome in the blink of an eye. Maria will never settle for less, and to be honest, why should she?

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