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Who Is Maria Braccini? Meet The Sexy Model Ex-Girlfriend Of Jannik Sinner!

Maria Braccini Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthItaly
Sister / BrotherN.A.
Father & MotherN.A.
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown
Net Worth (approx.)N.A.

Maria Braccini Biography

Jannik Sinner is a famous name in the tennis world. It is thrilling to watch him play in the match. It is all thanks to his hard work and skills. Sinner is also a well-known man among women due to his sexy, smoldering looks. Women are constantly trying to get his attention. He had a girlfriend as beautiful as him. Unfortunately, they broke up within months. This article is all about the model ex-girlfriend of Jannik Sinner. Her name is Maria, and this article will tell you everything about her.


Maria Is A Successful Model

Maria is a beautiful woman with straight, blond hair. Her Italian features have made her a superstar in the modeling industry. She has worked hard to maintain her figure through the years with the help of a healthy diet and regular exercise. She has preserved her youthful looks. It has allowed her to succeed in the modeling industry despite having competitors younger than her. Maria has dedicated herself to the modeling profession because of her passion since childhood. She loves fashion and design. She walks with confidence and grabs the attention of everyone when she enters the room. There are only a few models that can match the likes of Maria. She has a bright future in the modeling and fashion industry. She is working hard to make her way to the top in the Italian fashion industry.


Maria Loves Her Privacy

Maria is a model that does not rely on social media to gain followers and fans. She knows that her work is excellent and perfect, due to which she will get more gigs with time. She has kept her Instagram account in a private setting, so she does not have to interact with strangers on the internet. She only follows her friends and family on Instagram. However, she has several followers in the tennis and modeling industry. People love to see glimpses of her luxurious life on social media.  Maria has made it clear that she does not want strangers in her life. Her account was public for some time when she dated her ex-boyfriend. However, the attention from tennis fans became overwhelming for her.


Maria Is An Introvert

Maria is a person that does not like talking to strangers. She has several close friends from an elite circle. Her friends come from the modeling and tennis industry. She does not like spending time with strangers, and it is hard for her to make new friends. Maria is an introvert who likes to spend her time alone. She values her privacy and space. It takes a long time to trust people. However, she becomes fiercely loyal to her friends. Only a few lucky people get to become her friends or lovers.


She Broke Up With Jannik Suddenly

Maria and Jannik got into a relationship sometime between 2020 and 2021. However, fans only came to know about them in early 2021. The couple remained private about the relationship for most days. Her ex-boyfriend gushed about his ex-girlfriend during an interview. Shortly after the interview, the couple suddenly broke up. They did not specify the reason on social media. Several fans and media sources speculate that they broke up because the tennis player was busy with his career. He had previously appreciated his girlfriend because she supported his career and gave him space. However, people think he did not want a serious relationship with her. Maria also focused on her modeling career, due to which she did not have time to engage in a serious relationship with Jannik. The couple decided it was best to call it quits before things took a worst turn.

Nobody knows if Maria and her ex-boyfriend speak with each other. However, they remain amicable and do not have hard feelings toward each other. They understood that they did not meet at the right time in their lives. Fortunately, they enjoyed every moment of their time spent together. Hopefully, they will speak about the relationship with the media soon. They are kind-hearted individuals who deserve all the love in the world. Maria will find the love of her life that will support her in every aspect of her career.

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