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Who Is Magui Alcacer? Meet The Untypical, Quintessential WAG Of Giovani Lo Celso!

Giovani Lo Celso keeps popping up in the news for different things, including his outstanding football performance. His football career is the most significant part of his identity, but there is someone else just as important in his life. That person is Magui Alcacer, his model girlfriend who makes his life better at every turn.

She Met Lo Celso In A Hospital

Magui Alcacer and Lo Celso have been in a relationship for years, and fans love this celebrity couple. Magui met her dream man while she was working in a hospital, and their relationship took off. Because it was a love-at-first-sight situation, the two could not keep their eyes off each other. The media occasionally catches glimpses of these lovebirds together, but fans would like to see more.

She Is One Studious Busy Bee

Unfortunately for football fans, Magui maintains a secret life. The model does not like to share her relationship details with anyone other than family and friends. She has a private Instagram account where she is moderately active and a Twitter account.

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It is no surprise that Magui and Lo Celso crossed paths as they hail from the same town – Rosario, Argentina. At present, Alcacer is studying kinesiology and physiotherapy, which means she is a busy individual. Perhaps her social media accounts are private because she wants to focus on her career. Recently, Magui shared a picture of her physiotherapy books on the table with the caption – Homework.

Magui Is Also Apt At Fashion And Modeling

Along with her studies, Alcacer works as a model. It is no surprise, given her beautiful, exotic features. Thanks to her kinesiology and physiotherapy expertise, Magui knows how to maintain a healthy body. Alcacer has maintained a petite frame and flawless skin, which helped her become a model.

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Magui Alcacer approaches everything with an optimistic outlook, thus succeeding in all her endeavors. She is fiercely diligent and productive, due to which she can manage three different career pathways simultaneously. Her genuine interest and passion in her career make her ten times more attractive, and Lo Celso admires her for it.

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Never Miss Workout Days

Magui loves to work out because it makes her look and feel good. She maintains a disciplined workout routine and diet and follows it religiously. However, she rarely shares her exercise regimes on social to maintain privacy. Her other interests include reading, writing, and socializing with friends and family. Due to her WAG status, Magui is close to other Argentinian football stars and their girlfriends. Alcacer and Lo Celso sometimes go on beach trips with other football players, and the paparazzi do not fail to click a picture.

Alcacer is a big fan of fashion and modeling, so she made a career out of it. However, she maintains a cute, classy taste in clothes, thus avoiding outrageous outfits. She also keeps simple, medium-length blonde hair and does not prefer to curl it. Despite being passionate about fashion, the model keeps everything simplistic which is admirable.

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She Is The Perfect Woman For Lo Celso

Alcacer is fiercely supportive of her boyfriend’s career, which makes his life better. She accompanies him in his football tournament and occasionally takes a picture with him in the stadium. However, Magui stays equally dedicated to her studies, so she does not attend his matches if she has a busy schedule. It proves that her career is the main priority and Lo Celso likes that about his girlfriend. Her unwavering commitment to her goals is something that brings her closer to the footballer. They both have headstrong, goal-oriented personalities that mesh well without causing conflict.

Unlike other WAGS, Magui has not reached her career goals yet. However, one could assume that she has a bright future with multiple degrees and connections. She can make it big in the medical field and be a top model simultaneously.

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With a relationship so good, it is impossible to imagine Lo Celso with any other girl. Magui is beautiful, incredibly smart, and willing to give him space to grow. She does not let her WAG situation define her identity, never allowing anyone to cast her in Giovanni’s shadow. Magui Alcacer is a strong, independent woman, and more people should try to be like her.

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