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Who Is Maddi Alduntzin? Meet The Beautiful, Stylish Wife Of Yuri Berchiche!

Maddi Alduntzin Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthN.A.
BoyfriendYuri Berchiche
Sister / BrotherUnknown
Father & MotherUnknown
Hair ColorBrunette
Eye ColorN.A.
Net Worth (approx.)N.A.

Maddi Alduntzin Biography

Footballer Yuri Berchiche is quite popular in his country for his outstanding skills. He has had a person support him for a long time. It happens to be his wife – Maddi Alduntzin and has risen to popularity in the football community. There is a lot to uncover about this beautiful, magnificent lady, so buckle up. Maddi comes from Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain and still lives there. She studied at UPV/EHU and IES Usandizaga – Peñaflorida – Amara BHI. However, the subject she graduated in is unclear.

Maddi Is Breathtakingly Pretty

She has a perfect lean figure that looks good in any outfit. Maddi showcases her beauty on her Instagram account quite often. She has lustrous brown hair that frames her face in all the right angles. Maddi likes to keep it at a medium length and wears it in elegant styles. She has flawless skin and prefers to take care of it using a healthy fitness routine.

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She Loves To Travel

Being a WAG, Maddi can travel to various countries whenever she wants. She follows her husband on his football tours and supports him from the stadium. Maddi and her beloved footballer spouse often go on vacations together, evident from her Instagram profile. The couple posts their lovely pictures on social media, much to the delight of their devoted fans. Check out her story highlights on Instagram to see her visit exotic destinations with her family. It seems like Maddi is a fan of beaches and exotic locations, evident from her Facebook and Instagram pictures.

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She Loves Fashion And Style

Maddi wears all sorts of stylish clothes, and she rocks in all of them. She has always had that stunning body and still works hard to maintain it. As mentioned earlier, her healthy physique enables her to look good in nearly everything. Maddi is a lover of pretty accessories and patterns. Her fashion sense suggests that she knows plenty about styling and modeling.

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However, despite being able to serve such stunning looks, Maddi does not work as a model. She likely does not need to work, considering her WAG status. Her love for aesthetics does not stop at outfits and jewelry because she is fond of designs in general. It could be a pretty house, nicely plated food, beautiful architecture, and Maddi will be ready to snap a picture.

Maddi’s Family Is The Most Important Thing In Her Life

Maddi spends most of her time looking after her children and supporting her husband. She has uploaded several story highlights for her children – Luka and Martin. Maddi takes them everywhere with her and gives them the best life a parent possibly can. She and Yuri both take time out to spend with the family despite the footballer’s busy schedule. One could tell that Yuri carries immense respect for her because he never ignores her no matter how hard his career gets.

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She Prefers To Stay Private About Her Life

Maddi did not immediately open up to social media after Yuri rose to fame. However, fans immediately fell in love with her when she opened an Instagram account. Maddi began posting on September 6, 2012, with a picture of her cuddling with Yuri. Since then, she has progressively become more stylish and creative. Apart from showcasing her love for her family, Maddi does not reveal any personal details about her life.

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Maddi Keeps A Small But Glamorous Friends’ Circle

Due to her status, Maddi is friends with fellow celebrities. It includes high-profile models and other famous WAGS in the football community. Likely, Maddi regularly hangs out with football celebrities while accompanying Yuri on his travels.

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Her Personality Speaks For Itself

The most dominant qualities of her nature are passion and excitement. Maddi is excited about the small, meaningful moments of life. She uses her hobbies to stay happy and involved while Yuri plays on the field. However, since Maddi does not reveal her employment status, she might be a busy, corporate queen bee.

Maddi is the best wife Yuri could have asked for because she has supported him throughout the highs and lows of his career. She is a lovely woman capable of making anyone happy with her outgoing and humble attitude.

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