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Who Is Luviana Seedorf? Meet The Brazilian EX-WAG Of Clarence Seedorf!

Luviana Seedorf Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthRio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sister / BrotherN.A.
Father & MotherN.A.
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBlack
Net Worth (approx.)N.A.

Luviana Seedorf Biography

Clarence Seedorf is a name everyone knows in the football industry. He has built an excellent football career. Not only that, he has also won the UEFA Champions League four times. 3 of which with different teams, an international record that we marvel at to this very day. He also has a beautiful girlfriend, who is also a high-profile individual. However, people often overlook his ex-wife, Luviana Seedorf. She has the blessing of Brazilian features. Clarence and Luviana have a long history, but most details remain unknown. Luviana does not talk to the media, due to which people do not know much about her. This article has all the available information about this Brazilian beauty.


Luviana Has Gorgeous Exotic Features

Clarence now enjoys the affection and praise from his loyal fans. However, fans have not forgotten about his ex-lover, Luviana. It is because Luviana is beautiful in all aspects. Her chocolatey-black hair flows in waves to frame her face perfectly. The dark color of her eyes complements her dusky complexion. She also has a sexy curvy figure.

She looks young. It is because Luviana dedicates a lot of time to her exercise regime. She maintains a healthy diet comprising of nutritious food. It keeps her looking young irrespective of her age. She likes to take care of her body and mental health.


Luviana Is A Resilient Woman

The relationship ended unfortunately. Luviana maintained her positive energy despite the circumstances in her life. She took excellent care of her children during this time.

Her strength and resilience during her separation were commendable. She rose above her pain and built a life without her husband. Despite the sudden split, Luviana stayed true to herself. She remained happy and did not let circumstances get the best of her. Other people should seek inspiration from her strength.

Luviana has 2 kids with Seedorf, a boy and a girl. They have lovely names: Denzel and Jaysyley. She raises them with love and affection, ensuring that nothing falls short in their upbringing.


She Is A Total Fashion Lover

Luviana has always had a thing for expensive clothes. She has appeared with her ex-lover at several events. Her fashion taste is elegant yet full of bling. Her love for fashion goes beyond purchasing different attire. Luviana also spends her time studying the principles and techniques of the style. Luviana is unafraid to flaunt her designer clothes in public.

She ensures to dress for the occasion. Her clothes also suit the event, no matter the circumstances. She wears her classy, elegant dresses to functions. The media caught a glimpse of her style when she was with her ex-lover. Luviana always came into the spotlight for her incredible fashion sense.


She May Not Have Divorced Clarence Seedorf

Internet results show that Clarence is still married to Luviana. The couple split in 2021, due to which their divorce may require time. They may have gone forth with the divorce proceedings but have not revealed anything to the media. They may be communicating to look after their children. It is common for separated couples to remain cordial for the sake of family. The reason for their split remains unclear, but people suspect infidelity on Clarence’s part. Clarence and Luviana have not issued any statement regarding their separation. People found out when Clarence posted a photo of him with another woman. Since then, he has uploaded more pictures with the woman.

She Has A Private Life

Luviana lives a silent, quiet life without the involvement of strangers. She likes to stay by herself and her children. She never appreciated the spotlight that came with her WAG status. As an ex-WAG, her life is more peaceful than before. Luviana may never reveal her life details to the media.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait for Luviana to talk to the media about her relationship. Clarence and Luviana are the best parents to their two children. However, their relationship has come to an end. Perhaps they will find happiness away from each other. Hopefully, Luviana will meet someone special soon.

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