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Who Is Lora Klinc? Meet The Biggest Supporter Of Primož Roglič!

Lora Klinc Quick Facts & Wiki

BirthdaySeptember 21st, 1990
Place of BirthSlovenia
ResidencyTignes, France
BoyfriendPrimož Roglič
Sister / BrotherN.A.
Father & MotherN.A.
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Net Worth (approx.)N.A.

Lora Klinc Biography

Primož Roglič is working hard to advance his cycling career now more than ever. It has caused the media to approach him and ask about his preparations for upcoming matches. However, when Primož is unavailable for these interviews, the media goes to one significant person in his life. The name of this person is Lora Klinc, his partner and pillar of support. Most sources claim that the couple married a long time ago, but Lora and Primož have not revealed anything. Because Lora is his biggest supporter, let us get understand her life and relationship better.

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Lora And Primož Were Just Friends For A Long Time

In the cycling world, nobody has seen Primož apart from Lora. She has stuck by his side from the beginning of his career to this day. Many people wonder, at what point did Lora and Primož meet and fall in love? According to Lora Klinc, they have known each other for a long time and spent years building their friendship. She revealed a few years ago that she and her partner were together from his ski jumping days. Back then, they were students learning about life and trying to make it big. Relationships, love, and things like that were not crucial for them. Because they were busy building their careers, Lora and Primož stayed friends. However, after Primož entered the cycling world, they became lovers. Right now, Lora and her partner have a son called Lev.

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Lora Loves To Write

You might already know this information that Lora has written a book about her partner and his cycling career. She has always had a flair for writing but could not find a topic for a long time. Throughout her life, Lora has written diaries and journals to remember her emotions, achievements, and relationships. However, when her partner reached new heights in his cycling career, she found her inspiration. In her book “Kilometer Zero”, she has written all about the life of her beloved partner. It is not an ordinary autobiography that talks about mundane things. There are intimate details about the best and worst moments in his life that you will never find in any interviews. Because Lora has known him for a significant portion of his life, she was the perfect candidate to write about him.

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Her Personality Is Drastically Different Than Primož

Lora has previously expressed that she also feels tensed during her partner’s cycling races. Lora, unlike other WAGS, knows the profession of cycling in detail. She gained a lot of knowledge about the field while writing the autobiography of her partner. It is why Lora gets deeply involved in his cycling races and feels emotional about them. She feels frustrated when her partner does not win and vice versa. According to her, Primož is better than her when it comes to acceptance. He can win and lose with grace, but she can not help her emotions. Often, Primož has to console her after a loss rather than the other way around. Lora feels overwhelmed during the competition even though she does not participate and feels tired once the race gets over.

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Lora Prefers A Balance Between Privacy And Fame

If you try checking out her Instagram account, you will find that she has kept it private. She does not like to interact with people she does not know, but she loves to give interviews. She has a degree in political science, but that is the only available information about her personal life. As long as people maintain professionalism, Lora is willing to talk about her relationship with Primož. Unfortunately, interviewers often cross the line and ask increasingly strange and unrelated questions, which frustrates Lora. Right now, Lora is planning to write a book about her interviews to provide a glimpse into her life.

Lora experienced quarantine life before coronavirus came into the picture. Part of being a WAG is staying away from your partner for a long time. Lora has lived with her son in the Slovenian mountains, and she was in the French Alps in June 2021. Rest assured, Lora and her partner will keep supporting each other for the rest of their lives. They are lucky to have met each other, and their dedication to their relationship is outstanding.

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