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Who is Lilla Nash? Juicy details about the wife of Steve Nash

Lilla Nash Quick Facts & Wiki

BirthdayJuly 3rd, 1990
Place of BirthOrange County, California, the United States
ResidencyBrooklyn, New York, the United States
HusbandSteve Nash
JobInfluencer / Homemaker
Height1.68 m (5 ft 6 in)
Weight52 kg (115 lbs)
TattoosLilla has tattoos on her arm that are barely visible.
SmokingNo, never
Sister / BrotherLilla has four siblings named Brittney, Kyle, Macsun, and Robi.
Father & MotherDuncan Frederick and his wife Lynda Frederick are Lilla’s parents.
Hair ColorDirty Blonde
Eye ColorHazel
Net Worth (approx.)$1.5 Million

Lilla Nash Biography

Life moves at a blistering pace. Time stops for no one, and Steve Nash and Lilla Frederick knew this better than most. This couple’s story is an interesting study for everyone hesitating to get things done. Read on to find out how Lilla Frederick became Lilla Nash. There’s loads of other stuff you’d want to know about her as well.

Lilla is a decisive lady. She knew Steve was the one in just four days. – via Instagram

Biography of a former volleyball player

Lilla Frederick was born in Orange County, California, on July 3 1990, to Duncan Frederick and his wife, Lynda Frederick. Brittney, Kyle, Macsun, and Robi are her siblings. Although there isn’t much public information about the four of them, we do know that they were raised in Orange County. Lilla is quite close to her brother and sisters and is frequently seen with them. She attended Pepperdine University after graduating from Cornelia Connelly High School.

Steve’s not just her soulmate. He’s her best friend too. – via Instagram

Lilla Nash’s athletic abilities and sporting career

Lilla Nash excelled in sport from a young age. Although she was into swimming and volleyball, it was the latter that tickled her fancy. She pursued it, seriously, whilst in school. The sport followed her to Pepperdine Uni as well. She was named as a part of the WCC All-Freshman team, and in 2009, she was named to the All-WCC first team. Lilla has competed with her team in the Pepperdine—SC Tournament, as well as the State Asics Classic. Upon her graduation, Lilla joined the TCA Volleyball Club. Since its inception in 2000, the club has won three National Championships. Lilla has also represented the US Junior National Team in volleyball.

Fashion? – What’s that? Lilla is not big on it. – via Instagram

Lilla’s meeting and subsequent marriage to Steve Nash

Lilla’s whirlwind romance with Steve culminated in marriage sooner than expected. This couple wasted no time in getting hitched, and on September 4th, 2016, Mrs Frederick married Steve Nash. Nash proposed to her at a resort city in Mallorca (Palma De Mallorca), Spain, after they had barely dated for four days.

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Steve’s three children served as their maids of honour, making their wedding even more special. Since then, the couple has been living a happy life for almost five years now.

This wedding was special because Harry blooming Potter was in it. – via Instagram

Lilla and Steve Nash – The kids in their lives

Lilla is the stepmother of three children (Lola, Bella, and Matteo Nash) from the basketball player’s former relationship. She has a strong bond with her stepchildren, as evidenced by her Instagram account. With her husband, the former volleyball star has two children. On July 20 2017, she gave birth to their first child, Luca Nash, at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in West Hollywood. Lilla gave birth to Ruby Nash, a baby girl, in July 2019.  

What are some of the things that Lilla Nash enjoys?

Lilla keeps her physique in shape and flexibility as a sportswoman. She eats well and exercises and practices yoga on a daily basis. Despite having five children at home, she has been able to maintain a healthy and fit body. Apart from her workouts, Lilla also enjoys travelling. We also heard that she’s quite the foodie and enjoys food as much as she does her workouts.

She’s still under the impression that she’s an athlete, isn’t she? Lilla is a fit gal. – via Instagram

Lilla Nash’s personality! – Who is she as a person?

Lilla is an outgoing and expressive woman. She gets along well with most people and is compassionate. As a former athlete, this woman prioritises good health and a fit body over everything else. Lilla doesn’t care as much about fashion as she does about her body. A man’s girl, this woman is a lucky addition to Steve’s entourage. 

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